Dragonfly DF Chain, Item Bay and Technology Cooperation MOU

[Park Park Ye-jin reporter] Dragonfly joint subsidiary DF Chain (CEO Myung-soo Won) announced on the 10th that it has signed a strategic business alliance (MOU) with the item Bay to cooperate with blockchain technology.

Last year, DF Chain, which completed its mainnet ‘BEBIT’, is currently on board 14 games and plans to expand to 20 within the year. Dragonfly serves NFT business and global P2E through DFCIN.

Game Item Brokerage Service Platform Item Bay has a digital content open market with 7.5 million members, with an average monthly service user of about 1 million.

In addition to the service partnership between the two companies and the item bay, the agreement is planned to collaborate to develop blockchain technology.

An official of Dragonfly said, We hope that this work alliance will create synergy effects that maximize each other’s strengths by aggressively developing technology development and global joint entry.

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