Fortnite: Flying saucers and impulse grenades return

From August 12 to 15 of this month, in Fortnite of previous sefortnite seasonons: the Granada of impulse and the flying saucer . Just below we tell you what these changes and novelties of fortnite sefortnite seasonon 3 :

Fortnite: Flying saucers and impulse grenades return for limited time

From 08/12/2022 at 3:00 p.m. and until 08/15/2022 at 3:00 p.m. Back the impulse grenades and the flying saucers .

Where to find impulse grenades in Fortnite Sefortnite seasonon 3?

We can find impulse grenades throughout the island through the usual methods. That is, will appear at random on the ground, in chests or in supplies of supplies . Come on, we will have to be lucky when finding them.

Where to find flying saucers in Fortnite Sefortnite seasonon 3?

The flying saucers , on the other hand, have a series of predefined locations in which they appear. Are the following:

Its use and management is exactly the same fortnite season during Fortnite sefortnite seasonon 7 Chapter 2. We refresh your memory:

Main shot *: launches a powerful energy ball that causes area damage.
Turbo : put an acceleration in the direction we want. They are limited, and recharge over time.
Abduce : It allows us to take a character or object of the stage with the UFO tractor. If we abduct objects from the stage, we can use them fortnite season a weapon when dropping on top of enemies or when trying to run them with them, since they cause a lot of contact damage.

Fly *: UFOs can fly.
Shields : UFOs generate a shield around the pilot. It regenerates if we get off the ship.
Three lives : UFOs have three lives. When one runs out and reach 1 armor point, they lose a life, and restart, regenerating all their health if they are on the ground without anyone on board.

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