The original work is re -participated, the girl game masterpiece ‘One’ remakes

The main producer of the beautiful girl game developer, KEY, was produced by the remake title, which was the last one to be introduced by all developers. It is a work that stimulates tear glands, and is considered to be a work that influenced the majority of beautiful girl games released after the Canon, Air, and Takapo series.

NOVAMICUS, a brand of beauty girl game publisher NEXTON, released a video of ‘One’ teaser promotion on its official YouTube on the 13th. In the video, you can see the new illustrations and the six heroes, which were drawn by Hinoue Itaru, who was in charge of the original. It saves the original feeling with great eyes, but adds a stylish aspect to modern times.

One is a beautiful girl game released in 1998 by the developer Tactics under the Nexon. The protagonist who entered the school meets Heroin, targets the heroin route, and sees the story. Based on the surreal material of eternity, he made a deep impression as a scenario that conveys a deep impression. Major crews are Maeda Jun, Hinoue Itaru, Orito Shinji, etc., and the game is finally transferred to Visual Arts to form a key.


This time, the remake is also the title of the 30th anniversary of Nexon. It was released on July 22 with the video, and this time, the video was introduced to showcase new won. ONE will be released next year, and it is undecided whether it is supported by models and Korean language.

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