The Steam version of the new Touhou Project Barrett Philias Dark Market -100th Black Market. STEAM version is now available. Bar curtain STG using Ability Card

On August 14, Shanghai Alice Genrakudan has launched the Steam version of Barrett Philia’s Dark Market-100th Black Market. Steam. The price is 1540 yen including tax. For the Steam version of this work, the Steam store page was released, but the distribution date was scheduled for a soon. It will be a surprise distribution on the same day as the distribution at Comic Market 100.

Barrett Philia’s Dark Market-100th BLACK MARKET. In the 185th bullet of the Eastern PROJECT by Shanghai Alice Genrakudan, it will be a later talk about Touhiro Rainbow Ryukong-UNCONNECTED MARCETEERS. In the Gensokyo of this work, it was thought that the card would be obsolete and lost its effect after abnormalities related to the ability card. But in reality, the dark market has been opened, and a large amount of abilities cards have been added. Who is increasing the ability card, though the incident should have been solved? Marisa Kirisame alone will challenge survey in the dark market and collect cards.

Marisa will conduct an unusual investigation while repeating the barrage and collecting cards in the dark market. In the dark market, abilities cards are traded by currencies created by barrage, called ammunition. Marisa can generate ammunition by utilizing the magic circle that remains on the spot for a certain period of time in the barrage of the enemy. A bullet is generated by catching an enemy bullet within the scope of the magic circle, or by Marisa himself in a bullet with the magic circle. If you use the enemy’s barrage to the magic circle efficiently, you will get a large amount of bullets.

The collected bullets can be traded with the abilities card in the dark market. On the stage of this work, every time you pass the enemy group coming in WAVE units, the dark market is opened. Purchased Cards sold in the dark market, such as franc cards that allow enemy to destroy enemy bullets in the magic circle, and Suzuo cards that increase the number of main shots, and strengthen Marisa. We aim for stage capture by repeating WAVE, earning ammunition, and purchasing cards in the dark market.

When the stage is over, the bullets are gone, but the money different from the bullets obtained from the enemy can be brought back outside the stage. During the stage capture, you can purchase initial equipment abilities cards using money from the right card market. In addition, this work adopts a form that selects a stage to capture and play instead of a game format that captures the stage in order from one side of the arcade style. By repeating the stage repeatedly, making money and enhancing equipment, it will capture the whole game. Although the ability to have abilities cards is the same, random elements that have become stronger than the previous work Touhou Niji Ryu-dong and selected gameplay are being developed. The play time per stage is short, and it is also characterized by using magic circles instead of bomb. It is said that this work was produced to commemorate the 100th comic market held on August 13 and 14, 2022.

Barrett Philia’s Dark Market-100th BLACK MARKET. Steam version is distributed for 1540 yen including tax. In this work, a package version for PCs was distributed on August 14 in the comic market 100, and the download version will be sold at DMM Games and DLSITE, and the package version will be sold at the same person.

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