Cooperative rogue light voyage game SHIP OF FOOLS will be released on November 22. Cartoon -style end -end world where the storm blows with friends

On August 15, Publisher Team 17 released the release date trailer for the cooperative rogue light voyage game SHIP OF FOOLS . The release is scheduled for local time on November 22. The compatible platform is PC (Steam)/PS5/Xbox Series X | S/Nintendo Switch. According to the Steam store page, the game seems to support Japanese display.

SHIP OF FOOLS is a cooperative rogue light action. The stage is the islands and surrounding sea, where the lighthouse that protected the land was broken, causing vicious storms and corruption to stop. The player becomes a creature called FOOLS and boards the boat and proceeds on the voyage while defeating the sea monster. The purpose of this work is to explore the islands scattered along the way, upgrade weapons and discover treasures to stop the end of the world.

In this work, we plan a route using a map connected by the square. There are treasure chest marks and bag marks in the squares, and they will proceed on the stage while acquiring treasures and items on the way. However, in this world, storms are always occurring, and the course changes regularly, blocking the players. It seems that you can proceed on the voyage to avoid the storm, or to brave bravery into the storm.

A dangerous monster inhabits the sea and attacks the ship to sink. Players seem to compete against monsters using the on-loaded cannons, treasures found on the island, and weapons purchased from shops. In the published trailer, it seems that artillery such as frogs, puffers, and spiders is running a cannon and a melee attack. In cooperative play, it seems that the key to the strategy is to share roles such as ship defense and repair, and a powerful combo attack that combines the effects of items.

Since this work is a rogue light game, it seems that the items that can be found, the islands, and the enemies they encounter are changed by each voyage. It means that you will be required to fight and strategy in a different style for each play. In addition, this work supports solo play as well as cooperative play.

Development is Canada’s indie game studio FIKA PRODUCTIONS. The studio was established in 2018, and this work will be debuted. SHIP OF FOOLS will be released on November 22 local time. Compatible platforms are PC (Steam)/PS5/Xbox Series X | S/Nintendo Switch. There is no console version of domestic announcements, but Team 17 is also aggressive in Japan, so there will be some announcements.

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