How to solve a puzzle with a musical note in Ring of Echos in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy has many puzzles that players should decide. In Ring of Echos, you will find platforms that make the sounds of musical notes when you come on them. If you step on them in the correct order and reproduce a certain melody, you will receive the Lost Treasure Chest award. Before starting, we recommend going through Chapter 1-5 to unlock the full map of the astra.

When you are ready, go to the area circled in the image below to find a musical puzzle in the echo ring.

How to solve the puzzle of the Ring of Echos music platform in Tower of Fantasy

To solve a musical puzzle in Ring of Echos, you need to step on yellow platforms similar to buttons in a certain order. You need to jump on the platforms, as they are awkwardly raised. We recommend turning on the sound when solving this puzzle so that you can hear the sound that each platform makes to make sure that the musical note is registered. Suppose that an empty meadow in front of you, contact the image below to see the exact attachment order on the platform.

After you step on the first platform, the second will light up, which will easily determine where to go further. The same applies to the third platform, which is not depicted above, but is located right behind the second platform. After you step on the third platform, the fourth and fifth will light up at the same time. Be sure to step on them in the order indicated above solve the puzzle! If you manage to complete the puzzle in accordance with the instructions, Lost treasure will appear in front of you for production.

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