The best QB in Madden 23 – All QB ratings

A good quota, or QB, is an integral part of any team. Regardless of whether you are running with your favorite team or creating your invincible dream team in Madden 23, you need a good quoterbek to force the ball to move. If you do not have a personal favorite, you will most likely adhere to statistics and ratings. Here is the breakdown of each QB in Madden 23 with their general rating.

All defender ratings in Madden 23

With a good quotothek that make up the core of the team, increase the scale of the camera and observe how they arrange the runners on the left and on the right and from time to time abandon the amazing Rejoice, Maria. Thanks to the 10-hour test version of the Xbox Game Pass and a larger number of functions than ever before, Madden is at the peak of its development.

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