Tiktok puts code that captures passwords and cards

For some time it has been established that users can access things on the Tiktok platform, this thanks to a browser that is linked to different links. And now, some users have detected a somewhat suspicious code within the application, which would detect each user movement that is entering data.


The researcher, Felix Krause , says that the app is able to collect any keyboard movement, this through an inserted code of JavaScript that got into any of the updates. That means that he would detect user activity by inserting passwords, but the most alarming, are the numbers and codes of credit cards.

Recently it was confirmed to Forbes that the platform does insert code JavaScript , but this is only used to improve the user experience. Therefore, for now users can confirm that it is not used in malicious terms, so far no key theft incident has been confirmed, but it could spend someday.

This does not mean that the people of Tiktok use it in their favor, but that some hacker can discover how to enter the data, and therefore spy on all users who use this inner browser. So the company should take the corresponding measures, especially with security protocols so that no one can enter.

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