Hunter is rice! Monster Hunter Recipe Book Korean version of the Korean version

In 2019, the Monheon Bob Recipe Book, released in Japan, will be published in Korean.

On the 19th, the video publishing media started the Korean version of the Korean version of the Monheon Bob Recipe Book through Tumble Buck. At the same time, the Korean version of the New World Sketch, Monster Hunter World Editor-in-ji, which contains the world of Monster Hunter World, was also released.

‘Monheon Bob Recipe Book’ is a cookbook containing a cooking recipe in the Monster Hunter series. Monster Hunter fans were interested by weaving 29 kinds of foods, from drinking drills, including recovery and Great Refugees, to vegetables, meat, rice, and desserts.

According to the tumblebuck page, which is in the process of crowdfunding, the recipe book is ripe meat that is common during hunting, and a well-ripe meat of the recipes. You can also meet the dumplings, and the special mushroom kimchi is also included. In addition, the sharpness of the knife used for cooking can be restored to the esophagus with a grindstone, which is added information to help real life.


‘New Continent Sketch Trail’ is a set-up collection made in the form of investigation memo of ‘Mon’, an editor of the 5th base of the Shinjae-ryong Investigation Team in the Monster Hunter World. The monsters and living environments appearing in the game are characterized by sketches and memos, and the translation is unusual for the original design request, which does not harm the original design.

The list price of the Monheon Bob Recipe Book, which is crowding through the tumblebucks, is 20,000 won, and the price of the new continent sketch trip is 22,000 won.

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