Diablo 4 I cant make the character strong with a paid product

On the 18th, Blizzard posted a notice of updates in the fourth quarter of Diablo. The announcement is the third guide of 2022 to explain the direction of Diablo 4. In this update notice, the Live Service Director and Business Director were in charge of the Live Service Director and the business director, and the Diablo 4 experience, the contents and expansion packs provided at the time of launch, were mentioned in detail.

The particularly noteworthy factors in this update are BM, which consists of Battle Pass and Shop. The goal of our product planning in the game is to create a beautiful item that adds value to the player’s game experience, said Diablo 4 Business Director Keegun Clarke, who explained the Diablo 4 Live Service. If the player decides to buy, I don’t think it’s going to buy it, but I want to buy it because I want to buy it.

The first mentioned is the Season Pass in the form of a battle pass. Clark said, There are decorating items shops and season passes, but there will be no way to make the character stronger with paid payment. In Diablo 4, the season pass will be composed of one track, with a free rating (tentative name) reward that can be released by playing the game and raising the level, and a premium rating (tentative name) reward that does not provide power in the game or offer a favorable element in the game. I explained. In the free grade track, the gameplay boost (tentative name) can be efficient, and the premium rating track focuses on the external elements, which forms value in the form of decorating items and premium currencies.


For the store, Clark said, The use of the store is an optional factor. I emphasized that there would be no. It also emphasized that the players should be able to know exactly the contents of the product before purchasing, and at the same time, the players have created a preview function to help players can carefully examine the equipment they will buy before making a decision.

In addition, Diablo 4’s season is based on Diablo 3, so it is teaming up with the goal of operating up to four seasons per year. In addition, we will add large-scale new contents, quests, enemies, and legend items every season, and the character’s power in the season’s design should be stems from gameplay, so Diablo 4 is not possible to make a strong character with charges..

Lastly, Diablo Joe Shellie Diablo 4 Game Director said, We will test the function of contributing to the season’s characters that have been completed by the end of the game and the season of eternity (tentative name). Please wait for the update to do.

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