How to get DFA in Destiny 2

To get a DFA manual gun, you must farm twilight types of activity during the 18th season in Destiny 2. If you want to get a hand-gun faster, we recommend playing NightFalls on harder , But this requires higher power levels. For example, the maximum possible difficulty on which you can play NightFalls requires a power level 1580 .

If you have not yet reached this level of power, we recommend grinding and improving equipment or just playing the next the highest complexity . In any case, if you play it is more difficult in NightFalls, you will have more chances to get a DFA manual gun as a reward.

What is DFA in Destiny 2?

The DFA manual gun in Destiny 2 is a legendary hand gun with a store for nine rounds and reliable accuracy. DFA also has decent aiming and some unique features and benefits.


The signs that he possesses are called initial shot as well as riot . The riot increases the damage of the last shots from the hand gun for a short time and is summed up to three times. The first shot increases the accuracy and range of shooting, but only at the first shot. Along with these two advantages in the DFA there is an advantage adaptive frame that increases the maximum range.

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