Last of Earth Part 1 that anyone can do

Nathi Dog, who paid great attention to accessibility elements early through Last of Earth Part 2. The effort is also continued in the new Revolt Last of US Part I .

SIE explained in detail the accessibility elements of Last of Earth Part 1 through official blogs and video channels. Based on the features established through the Last of Earth Part 2, the detailed options have been further developed in this work.

Game director Matthew Galland said that accessibility elements will give you a game experience for players with visual impairment, hearing impairment, and exercise disorders.

The contrast and color control function, which was impressive in the Last of Part 2, works in this work. In addition, the sound of the sound under the subtitles is indicated, and the guidance on the interaction element is also supported by a separate sound. Listening mode, which recognizes the surrounding environment, also has a visual impairment, or the camera automatically matches the scan item and the enemy’s direction.

Event, one of the core of the game, and the cut scene includes an in-depth voice description. Nathi Dog will work with Descriptive Video Works, which provides the service to the movie and video game trailer.

Nynui Dok’s Neil Drugman explained the movement accessibility elements, such as automatically aiming at the target, replacing weapons, and holding the button that needs to be pressed repeatedly. In addition, there was an accessibility option to play the Last of Earth Part 2, but it also delighted that users who had limited play due to the lack of accessibility could enjoy the previous story of Last of Earth Part 1.

Nathi Dog contains a lot of visuals, hearing, and exercise access to Last of Earth Part 1. By default, these three elements can be applied to each preliminary state.

In addition, the control element, HUD and screen display, motion sickness elements, surrounding exploration and movement, text voice transformation and audio signals, combat, subtitles, and player operation The detailed accessibility topic is set to the difficulty of various game difficulties. In addition, the user can adjust more diverse options according to each topic within the detailed setting.

Accessibility to help players with physical difficulties or other environments can enjoy the game as an important factor in the game industry. In particular, large game companies such as SIE’s PlayStation Studio and MS Studios have been thinking and applying access to accessibility factors that can be adjusted and enjoyed according to their situation. At the conference of major overseas developer conferences such as GDC and Devcom, there have been a number of ideas sharing.

Last of Earth Part 1, which is developed for PS5 and current generation PC environment, will be released on September 2, PS5. In addition, the PC version will be released after the development of the PS5 version.

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