Need to cultivate local corporations and human resources, holding Conjinwon Jeju Startup Meeting

The Korea Creative Content Agency (hereinafter referred to as Conjinwon) held a contents startup meeting in Jeju area on the 26th to discuss communication with the content industry and discuss the development of startup ecosystems.

This meeting was designed to share major trends in the content startup ecosystem and to reflect the actual on-site voice in the support policy by collecting opinions on policy beneficiaries.

At the site, contents and institutions in Jeju, including Congjinwon Cho Hyun-rae, ▲ Jeju Film and Culture Industry Promotion Agency ▲ Dot Mill, Verdleworks, Histaz, Unding Research Institute, and Inspir, attended.

The main themes of the meeting include ▲ contents startups at home and abroad, major trends and resolution issues, and suggestions for improvement of support projects and related systems ▲ Successful cases of support companies and sharing development directions.

Through this, Conjinwon closely examined the challenges such as securing manpower, investment attraction, market development, and research and development. In addition, we listened to the on-site voices of inhibitors that prevent startup revitalization and discovered additional support projects. Specifically, we confirmed the necessity of supporting local human resources, strengthening local startup development projects, and expanding investment attraction.

In addition, we shared the success stories of Dotmeal, which operates CKL’s CKL and Methabus Theme Park ‘Lunapol’, and sought the direction of startup development. Dot Mill talked about the experience of overcoming the difficulties of startups such as funds, manpower, and infrastructure, and emphasized the necessity of support for all-round startups.

Conjinwon will review the direction and effectiveness of future support projects based on the issues and suggestions confirmed by the meeting. In addition to Jeju, the government plans to continue to operate regional meetings nationwide to increase the point of contact with the site, and to maximize the effectiveness of support projects by reflecting the opinions collected.

Lim Tae-eun, CEO of Beraworks, who attended the meeting, said, I am satisfied that I can borrow this place and convey the voice of the site in the domestic content industry. Policy support is urgent.

Cho Hyun-rae, director of Con Jin-Won, said, It was a place where you can feel the passion and vision of the startup that leads the innovation of the content industry. I will try to grow.

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