The opposition action Nicolo Deon All -Star Great Brawl Ultimate Edition will be released on November 24. Sponge Bob and Ninja Turtles are rampant

Publisher 3GOO announced on August 30 that it will launch Nicolo Deon All-Star Brawl Altimate Edition on November 24. The compatible platform is PS4/PS5/Nintendo Switch, and the price is 5980 yen including tax. The PS4 version will support free upgrades to the PS5 version.

Nicolo Deon All-Star Great Brawl Ultimate Edition is a fighting action game in which popular anime characters of Nicolo Deon met together. Players can manipulate a total of 25 characters and enjoy up to four players online or local. In addition to items with the possibility of one-shot reversal, sports mode, which aims for the opponent’s goal in cooperation with allies, is adopted. It is said that you can enjoy a party action that will be exciting immediately with anyone.

Nicolodon is an American cable TV channel and has popular animation characters such as Sponge Bob, Teen Age Mutant Ninja Turtles (hereinafter, TMNT) and Garfield. Some titles are also distributed in Prime Video and Hulu in Japan.

The trailer released today on the 30th features Sponge Bob, the main character of Sponge Bob, his best friend Patrick, and Michelangelo and Leonardo of the four brothers from TMNT. There are also scenes where sponge Bob and Patrick, whose battle image is thin, is attacking in the air and grabbing. It seems that you can enjoy the gap with the original of the popular characters.

In this work, the unique techniques and lines of characters in the anime are faithfully reproduced. Also, if you clear arcade mode, the gallery, which is unlocked, will include treasured illustrations and music. It will be a nice element for the original fan.

The Ultimate Edition to be released this time has been implemented all one year’s update, including various balance adjustments and voices. In addition, it seems that you can play with a total of 25 characters, including three characters added in the season pass.

Nicolo Deon All-Star Brawl Ultimate Edition will be released on November 24 for PS4/PS5/Nintendo Switch.

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