List of weapons Cult of the Lamb – all weapons are estimated

Daggers, swords, hammers, mittens or axes: choose your poison. All five types of weapons in Cult of the Lamb have certain unique qualities, but one weapon has a higher rank than another. Below we list all the weapons in the Cult of the Lamb, and then we rank them on the basis of their pure strength and efficiency.

All weapons in the cult of the lamb

The best weapon in the lamb cult

The best weapon in the game depends on your battle style. Swords are the most balanced weapon in terms of speed, range and strength, but hammers and axes offer great power if you can afford to lose speed. The mittens are good for combo-acts, as they begin with relatively low damage, but increase as you continue to beat enemies.


Divine weapons in all forms-the best weapon you can get. They inflict much greater damage than other weapons in the game, and greatly facilitate the movement by levels.

Vampire weapons are also good, especially vampire sword as well as vampire dagger . Vampire blades suck vitality from dead enemies and can use this energy for your healing. Combine this with the Tarot map of Fortune, and you will be in great shape for heavy battles with bosses.

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