Type of armor energy Destiny 2, explanation

With the release of armor 2.0, the type of energy has become a much more important factor that should be taken into account when creating assemblies in Destiny 2. In fact, it affects the types of mods that the guard can establish and will literally create or break the assembly. Fortunately, the guards can either make a decent throw with a type of energy that they need, or they can change the type of element by a fair fee. But first of all, let’s see what mods are available for each type of energy.

How does the type of armor energy work in Destiny 2?

Modifications of Arc Energy

  • Middle battle fashion.
  • Has a secondary bonus that is activated by the second ARC mod installed either on this part of the armor or in the Combat Style slot of another item.

Modes of Energy of Void

  • Modifications of class abilities.
  • Provide powerful effects with relatively low energy by improving characteristics.

modifications of solar energy

  • Modifications of grenades and health.
  • Fashion develops with each other, unless otherwise indicated.


stasis energy mods

  • Situational mods of abilities regeneration.
  • Gives powerful benefits with a higher cost of energy.

As you can see, each type of energy dictates its own type of assembly. Guardians can go va-Bank for a certain type of assembly or they can have part of each for a more comprehensive assembly. With the addition of equipment in LightFall, it has become much easier to create assemblies and save them.

Depending on the season, various assemblies will be more viable, and this was especially true when Bungie released 3.0 processing for abilities. Experiment, make up and, most importantly, collect all the possible mods of Banshi-44 and ADA-1 in the tower, working on creating your optimal guard.

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