What kind of giant soaring pyramid can you see from a pile in Genshin Impact?

Each new nation presented in Genshin Impact includes exciting and often mysterious places to visit. Sometimes the structures are so noticeable that the background aggregate is enough to cause surprise and curiosity before they are completely added to the game. One of these structures is a soaring pyramid in the desert to a pile that can be seen from the highest sections of the tropical forest.

What is this giant soaring pyramid that you see in the Desert Puer in Genshin Impact?

Its official name is the mausoleum of the scarlet king if you believe the leaks of version 3.1. It is like the great Egypt pyramids with winding tunnels and hidden cameras under the surface. There is no indication that this is an additional area, such as Dragonspine or The Chasm, and we expect that we can explore it, starting with version 3.1.

Who is the Scarlet King to the Genshin Impact to be a pile?

He is the late god of the people of hermits, especially the Ain al-Ahmar faction. This faction tried to steal divine knowledge during the quest line of the archont. They directly stated that their ultimate goal was to resurrect the scarlet king. It is unclear when exactly the Scarlet King died, but probably this happened somewhere between the war of the archons and the cataclysm.

From the book scroll of streaming songs (it is easy to get in the library of the academy, and it is worth reading), we can draw some details about the scarlet king. The story was written as if it were an annotated myth. It describes the time when the goddess of flowers checked the hands of the hands, the goddess of wisdom and the original archont dendro, with the help of three puzzles. The scarlet king is mentioned twice.

The first time refers to the answer to one of the riddles, rose. Rukhadevata says that even the king in red admires her beauty. The second time at the very end: Two princesses concluded a strong alliance, as well as with the king (blood? Resentment? Red crown?), Which was on their side from beginning to end. They worked together, leading people. To eternal prosperity.

This story, it seems, suggests that the Scarlet King, possibly ruled along with the hands of the hand, was not much different from Eye, who ruled the Inadzuma along with his sister Makoto, an original electrochond. What caused the death of the Scarlet King remains a mystery, as well as the reason why Rukhadevata elevated the wall between the desert and the tropical forest, suggesting the discord among themselves and the scarlet king.

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