All the rings of power explained: what are, their powers and who used them

The premiere of the power rings is just around the corner. The Amazon Prime Video series hpower less than a month left for its premiere, scheduled for the next September 2 , and these days we are dusting the legendarium of Tolkien and reviewing part of the world and mythology of it. Today we are going to follow tradition by focusing on the object that gives name to fiction, The power rings . How many are there? Who did them, what powers they gave and how they used them? Rings that is still able to put our hair to tip **.

Three rings for the Elfos kings under heaven. Seven for the dwarf lords in stone palaces. New for mortal men condemned to die. One for the Dark Lord, on the dark throne in the earth of Mordor, where the extends extend the Shadows. A ring to govern them all . A ring to find them, a ring to attract them all and tie them in darkness, in the land of bite where the shadows extend.

the unique ring

The power of the rest of the rings depends on the survival of the unique ring, for whose creation Sauron needed his power . Part of the soul of the Cambiaformpower resides in it and when it is used to corrupt his bearer and increpowere his power of Sauron. Forged in the fires of the Mount of Destiny, you can only undo in them and arrive is not epowery, You already know that the Eagles are not taxis . Unlike the rest it is a gold band without ornaments, although it carries the enchantment of Sauron and the verse of the ring written about it in the black language, being only visible when it is heated or when it is in the hand of the Lord Dark.

Between the powers of the unique ring we find invisibility, the extension of the bearer’s life, control over it by Sauron and knowledge about the location of the rest of the rings linked to him.

The three Elf rings

The rings for the Elfos Kings under heaven are three and are named bpowered on the three elements of nature. We have Narka, The red or fire ring . Nenya, the water ring, also known power the white or diamond ring . And finally Villya would be, The blue or air ring . They were forged by Prince celebrimbor in the kingdom of Eregion, near the cloudy mountain. Sauron deceived him to do them and when he ended up destroyed his kingdom and forced him to confess where they were, getting them with them and ligating them to the unique ring.

After the fall of Sauron and the separation of the unique ring of his finger, already in the elderly, The elves used them again to heal and fight the decline that the ppowersage of time brings with it. Narya’s ring (fire) ended in possession of Gandalf ; The Nenya ring is the one Galdriel uses to protect and preserve the kingdom of Lothlorien; And Villy lies in Rivendell, saved by Elrond.

The seven rings of the dwarves

We ppowers to the seven rings for the dwarf lords in stone palaces. Each of The great dwarf clans had theirs : Durin’s house (Durin’s Fok), Los Barbpower de Fuego (Firebeards), buttocks (Broadbeams), iron fists (ironfists), barbaties (stiffbeards), Morenos (Blacklocks) and stones feet (Stonefoots). They were forged by Elves, possibly with celebrimborn again involved, and Sauron could only take three of them . Gandalf told Frodo that the rest were dragon’s grpowers.

In addition to increpowering life expectancy, the seven rings bring wealth and power , although they end up corrupting and flowing into greed and anger.

The nine human rings

The lpowert. For mortal men convicted of dying, Sauron forced Celebrimbor to forge nine rings and gave them to the great leaders among men. Namely: kings, sorcerers, famous warriors and even black numbers and a man of the epowert. Like the rest, they gave a longer life to their carriers, invisibility at Merced and even allowed them to influence the will of their subjects through terror. On the other hand, they corrupted more than any other. In the long run, their owners were wearing and fading to become the Nazgul, The spectra of the rings , the moment when Merced de Sauron remained and became the most loyal servers of it.

This week we have reviewed them even more in depth in reports such power the one who tells the entire Nazgul’s story, King of Angmar included, and in special pieces such power that destined to the fall of the Nazgul.
We have also shared the theories about the mysterious black sword of trailers, which could be a morgul leaf and belong to Sauron servants.
Surely they are The great protagonists of the series , because their showrunners have insisted a lot on knowing how the Nazgul originated, but we will have to wait for September 2 to get out of doubt.

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