Valorant: The detailed study of the community that determines the perfect sight color on each map

Valorant players have an obvious tendency to obsess ourselves with the details to try to be as comfortable as possible during the game. One of the most obvious examples is how much time we spend configure the look at the Riot Games tactical shooter. A work that is worth it and that we could still optimize more. At least, that was the idea of a member of the community that has wanted to objectively determine what the color we should use for our crosshair depending on the map we are playing.

Objectively correct looks at it that we must use in Valorant

The process that the player has done is relatively simple, although quite laborious. He first recorded himself by reviewing all angles on all maps and then created a script in Python, a programming language with wide history that is currently used in artificial or automatic learning intelligences. In this way and helping different programs, he made the computer processes that detect the exact color that predominates in each scenario. From there, he simply looked for the opposite tone on the chromatic scale .

In this way, the player found the color that highlighted on each map, finding the following results. Remember that you can introduce them in the game through the corresponding section.

Better color (general) *: cyan (#00b5ff)
Ascent : Cyan variation (#00e0ff)
Bind : Cyan variation: (#00a1ff)
Breeze *: Cyan variation (#00FFDF)
Fracture : Cyan variation (#005bff)
Haven : Cyan variation (#0078ff)
Icebox *: Green variation (#2aff00)
Pearl *: Red variation (#FF1D00)


The truth is that it is extremely curious to see players so concerned about so tiny aspects of the game and dedicate a practically scientific process to discover which is the best possible color for the sight. It is true that it is important not to make mistakes using a ‘crosshair’ too similar to the predominant colors in the Valorant maps, although not so much to look for the tone that most stands out on them. Even so, we bet that is a curiosity that many will want to test .


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