How to get through Frisky Business Challenge in Bitlife

To perform Frisky Business Challenge in Bit life, players need to complete the following main tasks:

  • Get corporate work
  • Sleep with 15+ colleagues
  • Marry a colleague
  • Give 5+ children with colleagues
  • Successful request to save work

Completing Frisky Business Challenge by Bit life is easy if you know how to achieve each goal in the task. Start by creating any character for your choice and then perform the following actions.

How to get a corporate work in Bit life

Most corporate vacancies in Bit life require you to have a higher education. Learn well at school and go to the university after you are 18 years old. After the college is finished, open the vacancy section and find any work in accordance with the profile, next to which the corporate slogan stands. For example, to become a programmer, you will need a degree in the field of computer sciences. Nevertheless, for some entry-level posts such as an administrator or a factory worker, a degree may not be required.

How to sleep with colleagues in Bit life

Having received a job in a corporate company, improve your relationship with colleagues, giving them gifts, spending time with them and making them compliments from time to time. As soon as you have a decent connection, sleep with them using mount option from the section of action. Do this with 15 different colleagues to complete the second task in the playful business test. Work > Colleague for work > events > Mount .

How to marry a colleague in Bit life

In your office circle, find someone you like and invite him on a date. After you begin to meet, improve your relationship with them, giving them special gifts, spending time with them and making love with them. After a while, buy a ring and invite them to get married. Do not indulge in any actions, such as deception or flirting that can interfere with your relationship with your fiancé.

How to get children with a colleague in Bit life

Connecting to your colleagues for the second goal, make sure that you have unsafe sex with them without using any interceptions. Continue to do this until you have 5+ children with your colleagues from your corporate working circle. You can also have 5+ children with your wife/husband if they remain at the same work. It is better to finish these tasks before marriage.


How to beg for work in Bit life

To beg for your work, you must be in a situation where you are about to be fired. The best way to get into such a scenario is to let your ears or offend your colleagues/boss. Over time, you will face such a situation, and you will need to ask about the guarantee of your work. Make sure that you have a good relationship with higher officials to get out of a difficult situation.

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