Uncharted, October 20, finally enjoyed on a PC

You can finally enjoy Sony’s monopoly title and uncharted that symbolizes the PlayStation Studio Nat hi Dog on your PC.

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SHE) is an uncharted fourth numbering series pirate King on the 15th and Uncharted based on the last treasure and series: Remaster of lost heritage, Uncharted: Legacy of Seats Collection (Uncharted: Legacy of Chiefs Collection (Legacy of Chiefs Collection) officially announced on October 19 (October 20).

The Legacy of Seats Collection is a remastered by the last two works of the series for next-generation devices such as PS5 and PC. As a result, the excellent graphics and directing, which were considered to have reduced the device performance 120% at the time of the release of the PS4, have been further improved.

In addition, in the case of PC version, it supports the Ultra-wide monitor and can directly adjust the various graphics options. In addition, dual-sense haptic feedback and dynamic trigger effects are applied, and various game pads, keyboards and mouse play, including Dual Shock 4, are also supported.


SHE was scheduled to launch the Legacy of Seats Collection as the PS5 in January, and the PC version was scheduled to be released in June. However, since SHE has not released a separate service schedule since the release of the PC version, the PC users who waited for uncharted.

The uncharted, which was first released on the PS3, was noted for its excellent graphics, a gameplay that mixed a third-person shooter and a puzzle adventure with a pleasant treasure hunter Nathan Drake. The first work, Uncharted: El Dorado’s treasure, was well-received, but the uncharted 2: The woodenness and the disappeared fleet swept the main awards with the improved graphics and the film. Since then, the Uncharted series has become a representative game of Sony’s camp.

Uncharted 4: The Pirate King and the Last Treasure, which were released by changing the platform to PS4 after the third episode, which continued the great evaluation, utilized the technology. It showed the production of great details and once again, beyond the limits of the PlayStation graphics.

However, the numbering series, which was the main character of the Nathan, ended in four episodes, and the series, Close, the character of the series, and the uncharted: lost legacy, which was released with Nadia Ross, also ended.

Meanwhile, the Uncharted series is a representative work of Sony’s camp, except for the abduction and mobile title released on PS Vita.

Since then, SHE has been actively launched as a PC platform, including Days On, Horizon Zero Dunn, God of War, Marvel Spider-Man, and Last of Earth Part 1. Uncharted: Legacy of Seats Collection was also decided to launch a PC as part of the expansion of the distribution platform of SHE. As a result, a user without a PlayStation will be able to play uncharted for the first time.

Uncharted: The PC version of the Legacy of Seats Collection will be released on October 20 through the Steam and Epic Games Store and will be sold for 45,800 won.

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