[Repo] Intels next -generation CPU production heart, Israela Fab 28

[Karat At (Israel) = Won Bong-seok] Intel is on the 14th (local time) ‘Fab 28′ (FAB 28) and semiconductor production facility that will be operated from 2024’ The construction site of Fab 38 ‘(FAB 38) was released to global journalists and analysts.

Fab 28 produces 12th generation core processors (Elder Lake) for desktop PCs, 13th generation core processors (raptor Lake) and 5G communication chips in Intel 7. More than 5,000 of the 14,000 Israelites work here.

Intel is also constructing Fab 38 (FAB 38) production facilities, new office buildings, and parking lots, which will produce next-generation fair products with a total of $10 billion (about 14 trillion won) for 28 fans.

■ Hair 1/100 foreign substances are also fatal to wafer

The first arrival of the third floor of the office building is the Defect Operation Room. About 16 people were sitting at the desk, where they were adjusted, looking at the dual monitor and checking the wafer quality produced in various processes.

The goal is to monitor the defects of the wafer produced here and keep it as low as possible, he said.

People’s hair thickness is 50 ~ 80 micrometers (0.05-0.08 mm), but the wafer can cause defect even if it sticks to 100 nanometers (0.0001 mm).

He pointed to an employee and praised, He has an autism disorder, but he has an excellent ability to find defects just by looking at a picture of a 10 nm wafer. It’s like a science fiction novel.

■ Clean Room 24 hours remote control… The goal is not to tease the equipment

Right next to the defect processing room is the Remote Operational Room. In this place, about 30 people shift every 12 hours and remotely control all production facilities installed in the clean room.

On the screen with four 21-inch monitors, various equipment status are displayed with yellow (planned maintenance), red (idle), and pink (restriction). The goal is to improve efficiency without teasing the equipment as much as possible by monitoring the complex production line.

All processes are automated by 80-90%, like airplane autopilots, but even in autopilot, the process of landing and landing is a serious problem like a human hand, and engineers intervene and build a production line at all. I explained.

By the time I moved to the next place, sudden music came out of the office. An official of this place explained, We stretch together every time to solve the health problems that can occur when you sit on your desk for a long time.

■ ‘Fab 38’ Production of next-generation products since 2024

When I went down to the first floor from the third floor of the office building, I went up to the 5th floor of the parking lot, which is the building next door. A new four-story new office building and a five-story parking lot to control Fab 38 are being built at the same time.

When the Fab 38 is completed, EU (extreme infrared) equipment will be introduced.

A local official said, Fab 38 will be connected to the current fab 28, and will be exchanged through the autonomous driving robot. Learns were also mobilized.

In order to prevent dust from flying at the construction site, we are producing ready-mixed concrete directly at the factory next to the construction site, and we are carrying out a secluded time zone to avoid causing traffic jams.

■ Inside the clean room… Everything wants to live

In the parking lot on the 5th floor, he moved to the 3rd floor of the office building next to him, and then entered the fab 28 (FAB 28) Clean Room. An Intel official said, This is the first time that a Korean reporter enters the clean room of Intel semiconductor production facilities.

The clean room requires a clean environment that allows only one or two dust per cubic meter. The temperature is maintained at 22 degrees, and the air circulates from top to bottom and constantly sucks the floating dust.

You can wear a hood, hood, cotton gloves, latex gloves, and up and down all-in-one dustproof suits. The pens and notepads that were carried were collected and a notepad and ballpoint pen made from special materials that were not dusty were paid.

At the entrance of the clean room, Every Die Wants to Live is eye-catching at the entrance of the clean room.

The first dustproof suit, which was worn for the first time, was very frustrating and was very noisy with OUT (Overhead Hoist Transport), which carries wafer over the head as well as air conditioning devices. Yellow lights that stretch the clinic lines on the border also add dizziness.

A local official said, This is because the yellow color has been chosen as the less influential color in the past, and this is solidified with tradition.

■ Core processor production with ASML and Tokyo Electron equipment

In the semiconductor production process, especially in the micrococci process below 20 nm, the market dominance between ASML and Tokyo Electron (TEL) is absolute. It was virtually impossible to find other company equipment other than the two companies within Fab 28.

ASML Twins Cannes NXT: 1980Di, a DUE (SIMCA Simp) equipment, is a quad patterning that engraves a total of four circuits in a wafer.

One of the ASML equipment was equipped with an emergency contact network, a checklist and a phone number to guess that a large semiconductor manufacturer was used by July 2019.

Intel unveiled SRC103, equipment that catches wafer’s flaws inside the clean room, to journalists. The equipment was co-developed by the US Applied Materials and Israeli companies.

A local official said, This equipment scans the wafer surface with an electron microscope and catches scratches and foreign objects in real time. did.

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