You can go to Hard Island by the flight terminal, and you do not also need a special ticket to arrive.

You can help Hard organize the picture shoot to make Cyrus and Reese happy every day, get your hands on heart crystals that will allow you to purchase special things at the event. To get the DIY recipe for wedding rods, you will have to finish seven photo sessions with Cyrus as well as Reese. When you do this, go speak to Cyrus, and also he will certainly offer you the dish for the wedding wand.

It’s the wedding periodpet Crossing: New Horizonsand also all eyes get on Cyrus and also Reese while they commemorate their birthday. You can locate Cyrus and also Reese on Hard Island, where the famous photographer takes all sort of photos to commemorate their union.

To make the wedding wand, you will need the list below elements:

Make certain you remain to see Hard Island on a daily basis and assist you with photo sessions, because there are practically certainly more things than you can manage participating in the event.

Bear in mind that you can just do one picture shoot each day, so you will certainly require seven days to reach the dish for the wedding wand. You can get the cyrus wedding blossom stand utilizing your heart crystals, and also the star pieces will certainly include a specific monitoring of the celebrities.

  • Wedding blossom support-1

* Celebrity fragment-3

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