To restore the Burg.l robot in Grounded, players need to find various supercities scattered on the map. One of these chips is chip picnic burg.l locked in the chest on the landmark of the Minotaur on the top of the picnic table. To gain access to the chest, players need to take the key to the maze of the Minotaur found in the underground parts open pipe POI .

Where is the POI Exposed Pip in Grounded?

Poi Exposed Pipe is located in the southwestern part of the card. You can use the above image for the graphic representation of the region.

Having reached the area, you can find a white pipe as shown in the image. Cut into the cracks of the pipeline and travel along its inner lines.

Soon you will find a reservoir at the end of the pipe. Dive into the pool and start swimming. Travel along a single route available under water.

After a while, you will find several raw roots. Remove root obstacles with a knife, and you can find the key to the maze of the Minotaur at the opposite end.

Remember that if you do not have diving items, you can hold your breath only for a limited time, so try to extract the key as soon as possible.

Having received the key to the labyrinth of the Minotaur, return to the picnic table and open the chest using the resulting key. Together with the picnic burg.l special, you will also get mega milk molar.

To find out more about Grounded, read the section How to use repair glue in Grounded or All Bonuses to armor and reservation sets in Grounded in the game manuals for professionals.

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