Explanation of FIFA 23 Live Tuning update #1

FIFA 23 has just a week, but as always is the case, you have to make adjustments. The FIFA team did not waste time to launch its first live adjustment update, which was launched on Tuesday night. So, here there is a breakdown of the live tuning update of FIFA 23 # 1 and everything that players can expect from it.

FIFA 23 Live Tuning update for October 4, 2022

For those who fear a massive review a week after FIFA 23’s life, do not worry, that is not what is happening here. Instead, players can expect small changes with respect to technical dribbles, criminal shots and referees decisions. You can see the official tweet below.

The first Live Tuning update of FIFA 23 is now available, which covers the criminal shots, the referees and the technical dribbling.

Complete LTU ratings are available at EAST Tracker.HTTPS: //t.co/sgyrehjpoh

-Direct FIFA communication (@eafifadirect) October 5, 2022

To be clear, this is not an update of title. As mentioned in their notes, these adjustment updates allow them to make changes like these quite frequently. Often, they look for a particular balance. For now, this is what we can expect:

Precision of criminal shots reduced When the composure ring is red gold yellow .
Technical dribble animation speed Increased for lower rating drills.
Impact players with dribble-related attributes below 90.
Referees less likely Request fouls for arm-related collisions.
Referees more like Grant yellow cards for offenses committed by way hard sliding placates. *

How to update FIFA 23

As with all live tuning updates, this is automatic and players will notice an update notice the next time they start the game.

And that is all, everything you need to know about first live adjustment update of FIFA 23 of the season before you go, we have much more content related to FIFA 23 to examine it, for example, how Complete the DCP around the world and if FIFA 23 is or not the last of its kind, as well as much more in the links. Down.


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