The Best Guide To Post Fade In NBA 2K23

This can be remedied a bit because, in the Field Goal Rotations setting, you can adjust your player’s height by using the Up and Down D-Pad buttons.

First, you need to do to master your post-putt shot to know which way the defender’s balance is tipped. Once you’ve identified that direction, try to stay away from that direction.

Let’s talk about NBA 2K23 controls because they’re essential to mastering anything. Your fade action begins when you bounce the basketball before a defender. This bounce can be done by holding down LT on the Xbox. Once you know which side the defender is on, use X to fade in and out, then use the left stick as the direction for the NBA 2K23 post fade.

To fade on the PlayStation, you can hold L2 to bounce, then shoot the fade by pressing Square on the console. You must time both the release of the LT/L2 and the tilt of the joystick. Otherwise, you’ll make a jump shot instead of a Post Fade. A pro tip here is to wait for the defender to move. Once he makes a move, such as by jumping or leaning to the side, you can quickly counterattack. Then execute the perfect Post Fade.

What are the best post fade routes in NBA 2K23?

There are a lot of excellent post-fade routes in NBA 2K23. Some of the best include:

  • The corner fade: This is an excellent route for players with good shooting accuracy. It’s also suitable for players who want to create space for themselves.
  • The curl fade: This route is similar to the corner fade but is a bit more challenging. It requires good timing and accuracy, but it can be very effective if done correctly.
  • The lob fade: This is an excellent route for players with great jumping ability. It can be used to create space or to score some easy points.

These are just some of the best post-fade routes in NBA 2K23.

How to execute the perfect post fade in NBA 2K23?

There are few things more satisfying in NBA 2K23 than executing a perfect post fade. When done correctly, it’s virtually unstoppable and will leave your defender looking foolish.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

  1. Get into position: Make sure you’re close to the basket and have your back to the defender.
  2. Use your body: Use your body to shield the defender from the ball.
  3. Create space: Use your off arm to create space between you and the defender.
  4. Fade away: As you shoot, fade away from the defender to create even more space.
  5. Follow through: Don’t forget to follow through on your shot!

What is the Post-Fade shot in NBA 2K23?

In basketball, a fadeaway is a jump shot taken while the shooter moves away from the basket. It is often used as a last-second shot to avoid being blocked by the defender. The fadeaway is sometimes referred to as a “post-fade” because it is usually taken from the Post (i.e., close to the basket). The shot gets its name because the shooter fades away from the basket as they take the shot.

While the fadeaway can be an effective shot, it can also be very inconsistent. It is often difficult to shoot a fadeaway accurately, especially if you are not used to taking the shot. If you are new to shooting fadeaways, you must be aware of the shot’s difficulty and practice it often.

What does consistency factor into Post Fade shots?

Many factors contribute to a successful Post Fade shot. One of the essential factors is consistency. For a player to succeed in the Post, they must be able to make shots from all areas of the court consistently. A player who can only make shots from the top of the key will not be as successful as a player who can consistently make shots from all court areas.

Players must also be able to make shots under pressure consistently. When defenders are closeouts and contesting shots, players need to be able to knock down those shots. If a player cannot make shots under pressure, they will not be successful in the Post. Players who can knock down their free throws at a high rate will be more successful than players who cannot. Free throw shooting is often the difference between winning and losing games in the NBA.

Overall, consistency is one of the most critical factors for success in the NBA Post. Players who can be consistent with their shot-making and free throws will be the most successful.

Current NBA 2K23 players who are efficient on FTs and Post Fades score better. Why?

There are a few reasons why current NBA players who are efficient on FTs and Post Fades tend to score better. One reason is that these players are usually more consistent with their shots. They don’t have as many ups and downs in their shooting percentage, so they’re more likely to make their shots. This consistency is important because it allows them to score more consistently throughout the game.

Another reason is that efficient players on FTs and Post Fades are better at drawing fouls. This means they’re more likely to get to the free throw line, where they can convert easy points. Players who can draw fouls tend to be more aggressive and attack the basket more, which leads to more points.

Overall, efficient players on FTs and Post Fades tend to score more consistently. This consistency is important because it helps them put up points even when their shots aren’t falling. If a player can shoot a high percentage from the free throw line, this gives them a chance to score even when their shot isn’t falling.

Low ratings could only attract players who were already dribbling before making shots from the field and making shots when there was no contact (pivoting). This hurt their potential for a perfect post-fade shot. And higher ratings were rarely capable of consistently obtaining a perfect post fade shot since these players needed enough space for their moves, which most often had to be combined with the part and don’t touch rules.

Height, Weight, and Post-Fade Overview

Regarding 2K23 Post-Fade settings, the three main factors you need to consider are height, weight, and post-fade. Here’s a brief overview of each:

  • Height: NBA 2K23 Post should be set at a height that is comfortable for you. Which can be uncomfortable. If it is too high, you may bang your head on it if you are not careful.
  • Weight: NBA 2K23 Post should be set at a weight that is comfortable for you. If it is too light, it may feel flimsy and could break if you accidentally hit it. If it is too heavy, it may be challenging to move and could damage your floor if you drop it.
  • Post Fade: NBA 2K23 Post Fade should be set at a level that is comfortable for you. If it is too light, you may not be able to see the screen correctly. If it is too dark, the screen may be difficult to read.

Consistency Across All Players: Pros and Cons

One of the advantages of having consistency across all players in terms of 2K23 post fade settings is that it makes it easier for teams to communicate and coordinate with each other. When everyone uses the same settings, there is less confusion and more clarity regarding what each player is doing. This can be a significant advantage in terms of team play.

On the other hand, one of the disadvantages of having consistency across all players is that it can limit each player’s creativity and ability to experiment. Everyone has their preferences and playing styles, so forcing everyone to use the same settings can be constraining.

Best Post Fade Players in NBA 2K23

Under 6’5″Between 6’5″ and 7’0″Above 7’0″
Devin Booker
This 25-year-old, 6’5′ player playing for the Phoenix Suns is one of the strongest when it comes to Post Fade Shots in this particular height category. Devin plays as the Shooting Guard or the Point Guard, further strengthening his post fade rating.
Nikola Jokic
Nikola Jokic, who is from Serbia and plays at the center Position for the Denver Nuggets, is a prodigy. Not only does he outshines everyone in this category, but he also is a well-known name in many other categories.
Joel Embiid
Joel Embiid is known for his Post Fades if we are talking about players above 7’0″, and this Philadelphia 76er player ranks #6 out of all the 868 NBA players. With a 96 OVR and 94 Post Fade attribute rating, you don’t want to come in between him and his Post Fades.
James Harden
If you have been playing NBA 2K for some time, then you will know that James Harden’s name comes every so often, and this time he is in the most substantial post-fade players list, mostly due to his 13 years of experience.
Lebron James
The man, the myth, the legend, Lebron James, is by far one of the most known names in basketball and comes out on top no matter what category we are talking about. This 37-year-old Lakers player doesn’t mess around when it comes to basketball.

Best Post Fade Animations in NBA 2K23

Post-Fade shots are a fun way to throw the defender off their balance and cash that opportunity to score some points. When you do a Post fade animation, your player will back up the defender. You will enter the fade animation as soon as you get the chance. As soon as the defender is off their balance, the area will be wide open for you to dunk or shoot, depending on your distance from the basket.

In NBA 2K23, it doesn’t matter what height category your build is in. You will be able to make perfect Post Fade Shots with a bit of practice. For all measurements, Pro 3 is by far the best and the most trust-worthy Post Fade shot animation, and if your timing is correct, there is no chance that any defender will be able to stop the ball in the way. Using the Pro 3, you will have enough gap between you and the defender, and the ball will be out of range of the defender, so there is no need to worry about not being able to score as long as the ball reaches the basket.


Maintaining a high level of consistency is critical for success in the NBA 2K23. Post fades are one of the most important aspects of the game, and nailing them can be the difference between winning and losing. You must practice post-fades as often as possible to keep your game sharp. With that in mind, we hope this article has given you a better understanding of consistency’s importance in NBA 2K23. Thanks for reading!

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