Destiny 2 Reddit leaks, rumors and confirmed upcoming content (October 2022)

In October, some terrible things will happen in Destiny 2. The festival of the deceased should return, and therefore all data collectors and API robbers extract information about it. Here is a list of what we know at the moment. Remember that all this can be changed until it appears in the game.

Destiny 2 Season of Plunder (August-December 2022)

August 26 *: The Autumn Raid of the King
September 6 : Iron Banner with the new Game mode ERUPTION
September 16 : Osiris tests are returning
October 4 *: Grand master Twilight
October 18 : Lost Festival
November 15 : Iron Banner returns

Festival of lost

The festival of the deceased returns with new ghost sectors and a map of an event similar to what was for the solstice of 2022.

* Festival of lost masks 2022
* Blueberry mask
* Bread mask
* Karate Mask

* Finch mask
* Mask Riven

* Mask Savanna
* Star horse mask
* Testers mask
* Festival of lost armor 2022
* Titan: mechanized defender
* Hunter: Mechanical shooter
* Warlock: mobile exoskeleton

* Festival of lost weapons of 2022
* Arc sniper rifle
* Aggressive frame
* A trait of origin: a search group-this weapon receives a higher aiming speed and speed when aiming, when there are no allies nearby.

Festival of lost sparrows 2022 *
* Majestic Ginny
* Bold chapel
Festival of lost weapons jewelry *
* Parasite
* Big overture

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