Three telecommunications companies jump in My Data business this year

The three telecommunications companies will start my data business this year. As long-term experience has accumulated in subscriber data-based projects, various services are expected to be developed in integrated management of various data, including finance.

KT and LG Plus obtained a license from the Financial Services Commission on the 12th. According to the business license, KT plans to introduce My data service this year from next month and LG Plus.

Earlier, SK Telecom launched My Data Beta service in the Identity App since last month after the license in July.

KT first announced the launch of the November service of the user service in partnership with the online brand. The company plans to introduce artificial intelligence and big data analysis capabilities.

In addition, the company plans to increase the convenience of existing telecommunications businesses and synergy such as credit score booster using telecommunication data, customized recommendation for communication plan, and guidance for using communication partnership cards.

LG Plus is preparing to launch U+My Data Tenant ‘Me’ service within the year. It will be provided by the U+Members app as a service that informs the personalized financial benefits by linking financial data and communication big data.

SK Telecom devised a customized financial information service using individual financial indicators. The goal is to strengthen user customized services by linking to AI service AD.

The telecommunications industry has been evaluated as having a better foundation than other industries in managing subscriber-based data from the past. Considering the fact that data related to individuals such as payment behavior and location movement is coming and going from smartphones, it is considered the most specialized industry in My Data business.

In addition, as it is interested in artificial intelligence and big data business, there is a great room for developing my data business capabilities. It is said that it has already been equipped with the foundation for developing various customized services, not just communication and financial data combination.

An official in the industry said, The telecommunications company will not only be the basic data of the subscriber, but also understand the mobile payment, floating population, and the Internet traffic flow, so that the data analysis service in the B2B area will be released along with the development of personalized services.

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