How to solve a sliding puzzle in the first act Scorn

Scorn is full of puzzles, and the very first of them may not like it. Players must deliver the illuminated capsule to a certain place to activate the device that extracts it. This puzzle needs to be solved twice to move forward, since the first capsule does not work and gives nothing to the players, except for the release of the place on the board. Here’s how to solve a sliding puzzle in the Scorn act.

What is the solution of a sliding puzzle in the first act of contempt?


In the first interaction of C crane in the first puzzle of Scorn, players will be able to see lit space along the wall. This puzzle is the first step towards obtaining two out of 12 game achievements. The goal is to get burning pods into space, and then interact with central console to extract them. Players must get a device on the hand to activate it at the beginning of the level. A lonely single capsule is empty, but it must be removed to remove from the wall. If the player has already moved some figures, here are general advice on how to understand how to move them to the right place:

Determine the combined parts *
* Many parts are attached to each other and can only move together.
move the figures in a circle
* The easiest way to solve the puzzle is to find individual parts to move in a circle until they themselves collide in a corner.
move the pods to the right
* Since the goal is to move the pods to the left, to the illuminated space, players can push the pods to the right, while maintaining the correct parts of the shifted to the left.

For the first capsule, players must move individual pods to the spaces to correctly while preserving a pod of four parts pushed the angle on the right . The second lit pod can move down while horizontal of two parts parts can go correctly . This will leave a gap for a single module to go and be extracted **.

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For the second pod , the players will have to move in two parts vertically pod until the left, the illuminated space. This can be done by moving single pods to correctly . Horizontal parts may be difficult to move between them, but moving them in a circle will leave them with a sufficient clearance so that they can be stirred into lower part of the wall . It can be done:

Get a second pod in the middle *
* Horizontal parts can be moved to the left so that the vertical capsule is in the center.
Move the horizontal parts to the right
* While the vertical part remains in place, all horizontal parts can be placed in the extreme right corner. If there are places that he cannot move, all
single pods * should be moved to the gaps there.

As soon as the players move the figures to the right, they will have enough space for a vertical figure to get to the illuminated place. After it is extracted, players can return to the main area from which they came for the next step.

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