Free Fire: Know the rewards for seeing Free Fire League final and the events of the week

Free Fire’s new update has very interesting things that players can enjoy with their diamonds or for free, the popular mobile gunshot game has sought to excel with their collaborations just like the events we see announced within the game client, this Week was no exception, so we tell you the details of what you can find.

Starting with a new event with name Power where participants can obtain the gesture called Pinch of energy and a new wall called Lieu Power that will be available from today, by On the other hand, the Falcon Mission is also active where we will have to generate casualties to obtain different rewards that will give your survivor a unique style. Added to this, we have the magic roulette is present where we can obtain the bright energy appearance and mirror backpack, among other things depending on our fate.

From October 20 to 26, fulfilling the objectives we will obtain the following:

  • 1 Low pet box
  • 15 casualties 5 pet foods
  • 25 low 10 pet foods
  • 45 Falcon appearance

With the final of the Free Fire League at the door, the spectators will have the chance of obtaining great rewards only for visualizing the event, but this will only be possible if the transmission reaches the goal of visualizations at the same time, you can see the games next Sunday, October 23 through the official social networks of Free Fire Latin America.

Without a doubt, the week for Free Fire players paints with a lot of Share the taste for Arena’s game, now you just have to connect your mobile to prepare with all this week’s action

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