An unique vinyl box for one decade of hotline miami

Then a restricted version, available only via the merchant sites of Revolver as well as Laced Records, which plays the card of color with variants around the wonderful pictures of El Hero and also IMA. In the first situation, you will certainly can red as well as yellow discs, while in the 2nd, they will be blue-green. All come with by 2 prints 30 cm long, occupying the art work of the front and also rear faces of the sheath. On the other hand, regardless of the color, the access ticket stays the exact same: ₤ 150 (around 172 euros).


It’s a truth, time passes quickly, but we don’t always realize it. Except throughout the 10 years of this or that certificate that was thought to be released a maximum of 5 or six years ago. This is the situation of Hotline Miami, which celebrates its birthday greatly.

In order to celebrate this lengthy profession with self-respect, Revolver Digital, Denton Gaming as well as Tied Records have teamed up to modify a vinyl box:hotline Miami 1 & 2: The Total Collection _. As its name suggests, it consists of the strips of both titles (76 tracks), made up by a rosary of extremely talented artists; From Sun Draw to M | O | O | N, from Distributor to Jasper Byrne, through Cattle or Erik Sure, in between several others. Good noise as we claim, which will certainly for that reason be available in several versions. A typical version firstly, at the price offered and still unidentified from all traditional resellers, which will certainly bring with each other black plastics in a cardboard pocket in the shades of the series.

Regularly estimated amongst the games which provided an enormous momentum to the introduction of the indie scene, Hotline Miami celebrates this year her 10 years of existence, time which has never ever truly seen her immense impact go away. It suffices to provide the lots of duplicates or derivatives in the columns of Vapor to understand it.

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