5489 people gathered at the signature of the Suspicion

[ Moon Byung-soo reporter] The Game Management Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Game Committee) has more than 5,400 gamers participating in the Solidarity Signature to claim the National Audit of the Auditor regarding allegations of corruption of the rating system construction project. It has achieved more than 18 times of 300 people, which was originally aimed at, and it is a negative public opinion on the game.

According to the game industry and politics on the 31st, lawmaker Lee Pantheon (Democratic Party) is a banner and signature that signatures the National Audit Committee for the Suspicion of the Game Management Committee near the Exit 1 of the National Assembly from the National Assembly from 1 pm on the 29th., The number of people in charge was assigned, and the signature was signed. As the users who heard the news flocked to the National Assembly, long queues were formed. The total number of gamers who participated on the day totaled 5,489.


The audit request is divided into the way through the National Assembly and the people directly. For the parliamentary office, it is easy to accept through the standing committee, but it takes a considerable time to send a request for auditing, and the claim may be abandoned due to political reasons. However, for direct claims, more than 300 people aged 18 or older are required.

Representative Lee Pantheon said through SNS, It was very hot, the game users who visited the National Assembly were really hot. We will share your hope to the end. I think it is. Despite the two-day publicity, I think that the fact that there are 5,000 people who participated in the precious weekend, I don’t need any more words.

Representative Lee Pantheon decided to establish a ‘self-classification game integrated after-management system’ in 2017, and the computer network system delivered two years later with a total budget of 3.88 billion won did not work. I have raised suspicions that I did not.

As the rating of subculture games such as’ Blue Archive ‘has been raised, negative public opinion on the operation of the’ secret room ‘has been spreading, and the users’ attention toward the game is the worst. It seems that more than 5,000 users have been driven by the signing of solidarity.

The council’s office will file a request for the National Audit on the 31st. Afterwards, the Auditor will hold a review evaluation committee within a month and review the reception towards and meet the actual game committee. Representative Lee Pantheon said, I decided that it would be better to proceed with the prosecution for those who need internal discipline through the audit.

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