Streamer that oke his back on TwitchCon returns to the lives, reveals pregnancy and shows scars

During Twitchcon in San Diego, streamer Adriana Check had a serious accident in a dangerous foam cubes pool. It was then rushed to the hospital and, despite the uncommitted vital prognosis, the sequela are still very present. Leaving this pool she found it totally safe, but fell into the concrete that was below and oke her back and two parts. However, she is sharing her recovery with us.


It was a serious injury that plunged it into hospitalizations, heavy operations and uninterrupted pain. Since then, the streamer has managed to return home, but despite all this, recovery remains difficult.

A very apparent scar

A few days ago, Adriana Check was able to make her first oadcast since the terrible accident on Twitch. As she removed her back belt enough to show her scar, the streamer complained of terrible pain and quickly sat down to continue her live twitch more serenity.

After all, the viewers could see Adrianna’s scar, which extends along her back and shows the heavy operations she had to go through.

Subsequently, the streamer revealed to its viewers that once in the hospital, she was not at the end of her surprises because she learned of surprising news…

I didn’t know I was pregnant

Here is what Adrianna Check revealed during her oadcast. She reveals to her viewers that she had no idea she was pregnant… until she got to the hospital. After several exams, doctors announced that she was at the beginning of the pregnancy, but that the heavy operation she would suffer did not allow her to continue, that is, she lost the baby because of the surgery.

Serious consequences for Twitch/Lenovo

The pool in question was at Lenovo’s booth. It is important to note that other streamers and influencers were injured by risking jumping into the foams. Although the consequences of this leap will weigh on the streamer for a long time, Twitch, or KaiOS Media (a company that managed the booth) have not yet formally spoke out about the situation.

On October 10, Lenovo spoke to Kodak: We are aware of the incidents where Twitchcon visitors were injured in the soft foam gladiator pit at Lenovo booth. The area was closed for later use while we work with event organizers to investigate incidents. This can be very harmful to all companies involved in these accidents.

Anyway, Adrianna Check can rest at home to slowly recover from this accident and all these emotions. It is very likely that it regularly publish in networks to keep your followers informed. We sincerely hope that your recovery will be fast.

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