Why did Yoshinori Ono become President Rasenle? Outside and inside of Rasenle seen from Ono, and the interesting current location

In May 2021, former Cap com Shinobi Ono became president of Dilute Works. This bold selection was a big topic. In February this year, the company succeeded the game business to the new company Basemen, and became a subsidiary of Triplex and started turning around. It seems that Ono is still conducting Roselle and currently recruiting members on a large scale. Roselle is a mysterious company, while creating games as the development and operator of Fate/Grand Order (GO).

In the previous interview, we have asked the manager of the management department and the four general managers about the current status of Roselle and the human resources. This time, we talked to Shinobi Ono, President of Rasenenle.

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Why did Ono become president in the first place? What does Ono bring to Roselle, and what is he aiming for? I’ve been talking a lot, so I’ll give you the content.

Roselle is currently looking for staff in various positions. Check the job site below:

Risen Gaul Recruit Site

Reasons for joining Delight Works

–Please introduce yourself. I wish I could ask for my background.

I’m Shinobi Ono, President of Rasenenle. Until I came to the former Di right Works, I worked for Cap com for less than 30 years. I created a game that beats people from morning till night, and in later years, we have been working on the Internet from people online… No, we have been working on guidance all the time. I was already getting a good age, and I went to a certain position at my previous company. When that happens, the timing of being able to be directly involved in manufacturing is decreasing. I talked to the chairman of the former company whether to fulfill my life with it, and then decided to go out of the protected bay once in the ocean.

――Is it the ocean?

When I went to the ocean, the corona just came, and my family told me that I shouldn’t quit the company, but there are hopes that I can see something that I could not see in less than 30 years. Did.

And after all I liked games. I wanted to challenge the game at another angle. Thankfully, while we are fluttering in various places, we hear from various companies. Among them, the former Di right Works chairman Shoji (Mr. Kenji Shoji) was called out. I met Shoji, who had been seconded from Square Enix to Tito, through the story of the arcade version of Street Fighter II.

Shoji invited me to say, If you want to create a game, let’s do it together. But I was honestly lost. Because, although it has a lot of results, if you search for Delight Works at the time, negative remarks are scattered, and it takes a little courage. Well, I’ve been told quite a lot… (smile)

At that time, while talking to Shoji, I was consulted, including the difficulty of the venture. I want you to do it together as a friend in the game industry. And If it was a Delight Works), there is a possibility that Norman would be able to do what he wanted to do again. As a result, I was danced in half a complaint… (Laughs) This will be explained later.

――How did Norman see the company called Delight Works before joining the company?

It seemed to be difficult since I started the company. Immediately after the launch of Dilute Works, it wasn’t around the way, and I really started riding in the middle of the first part of GO… When I had been trial and error for about three years, I felt the difficulty of a venture from the outside.

On the other hand, the members also felt the strange heat of trying to fight. It’s everyone’s flame. When I first entered the game industry, it might be the same tension as when I was debugging Vampire until morning… (smile)

It was painful at that time, but it was fun. I felt that enthusiasm from Delight Works at that time. From that point on, the company was getting bigger and bigger, and I was looking sideways that the title was getting bigger, and the title was still getting bigger. That was the impression when I saw it from the outside, and it was also a fact.

――When there were various options, what was the reason why Ono chose Delight Works?

I cherished the detailed way of making in the creation of a game in Japan, and the touch of it, and I wanted to challenge it with a Japanese company.
I have been the title of the Cap com Vancouver Studio and turning the overseas team. Based on the experience of cooperating with overseas members, I thought it was a Japanese title that I could demonstrate the DNA cultivated in my game life as much as I wanted. The place where synapses are connected in such a story, such as that TV I was watching at that time or that manga, is more about creating a member who grew up in Japanese culture or creators who love Japanese culture. Is fast. At the touch of the touch, I am easier for a Japanese company to do it.

There was another reason I chose Delight Works, so I wanted to do something small. The larger the tissue, the more small turns. However, if it is a small organization, it is a small organization and there is a disadvantage that there is no power. From now on, there is something that can be demonstrated and provided, and is it more fun to have a small turn or a big circle after thinking about whether you can walk together? Will the results come out? When I thought so, I came to the conclusion that it was a place where it was a small turn. You can add more power later. I got up every morning and thought that I would like to do this next time.

So it’s hard to work in Di right Works. However, rather than a helpless hardness, I guess the fun of pioneering at the frontier will win. Also, if NASA and Takashi have built up the original work that has been built up digitally, that’s very exciting. With the members, I thought that the sense of distance to pouring affection into the game was not far away.

So, when I actually went through the gate, it was not as bad as the impression I received when I saw the net. There are hot fans because the title they handle is hot. It was said that there was a lot of fluttering because of the difference in the button that tried to respond to the hot fans but could not respond. I understand that the relationship of trust with fans is not completely zero. There are future games that I would like to play in this company, and it is a place where I can return drawers in the game industry that I have cultivated for less than 30 years. After that, I would like to do it here, and will be announced in May last year.

Cheating President

―― Did you come an offer from the beginning on the premise of becoming president?

This was deceived. You are informed after entering. (smile)


In just a few months after joining the company, I was told that I would be president, and a few days later, all employees were gathered in the office in the office, and Shoji told everyone that I’m going to have Ono be the president. I was. Until then, I never intended to be president. We were planning to support the development team when there was a problem in the development team, or to teach the know-how to prevent problems from creating.

The story changes a little, but after joining the company, I played GO. To be honest, tell NASA that I will do it, and tell me the impressions I did. As I conveyed that impression, I became able to chat with NASA. Susan talked about the case game with Susan. While I was involved with GO and Susan, I myself are already GO. Is this the fun of NASA’s work, or is it a place where tens of millions of fans want to know the following? There is a wonderful take.

However, in such a wonderful species, the challenge was how to bring life there. Delight Works members are excellent, but unlike those who are expected to approach and their response results, some titles have conflicts with users. That is also the cause of the remaining on the Internet. In order to improve such a part, I thought that it would not change whether it was the president or the president.

At the time of the president, I told everyone, Delight Works so far and the future Delight Works. Let’s divide it firmly from now on. I never deny it, but I’m going to switch. The first time I took my office was to make a new Delight Works created by having everyone do my best, and I want you to lend your help and follow it to further evolve.

-What was the impression of Roselle (formerly Di right Works) seen from the inside after joining the company?

It was really my prejudice, but I wondered if people in the company that created mobile games were developing games more work. In fact, it was passionate and completely overturned. Until now, the type is different from the game I created, but the members are still breathing in the game.

In a sense, the title I created is a character game, and I make one character learn various techniques and build it. So, I thought that the feeling of creating a character would not lose, but it was more than that. I thought I was doing business with a colder eye, but it was completely different.

If you think carefully, you can’t create such an influential game with such cold eyes. On the other hand, there were some places where the way to make was poor. As a veteran uncle, there were many places that could give advice on how to create the work, the point of view in it, and how to land. I felt like I wanted to guide everyone in a good direction while protecting everyone’s way. If you don’t open the lid, you won’t know inside.


The Kana (GO, Part 2 Development Director) and other on-site programmers and designers are well understood the external evaluation. On the other hand, there is an enthusiasm that we want to realize because we know. While GO is successful as a game service, there is also the amount of heat necessary as an entertainment that can not be done only with the wise abacus account.

On the other hand, as a president, we have to think about how to keep it healthy. So, I’ve been making a mechanism and reviewing it all the time. Even though I came to create a game, I think I am doing something that is the same as when I was in Osaka… (Laughs) However, it is fun because it can be seen that the development of manufacturing and speed can be changed because it is a small turn.

On the other hand, what surprised me was the heat of NASA and Takashi. I was involved in the original thing several times, but it is not the amount of the original author. I don’t want to look cool about their paintings and what they have written, but they talk about how users can enjoy them and how they can think of them at all. That’s why all members are seriously involved in the development of GO while struggling.

And it’s no wonder festival events. Cos pa is not worth it, and honestly I can’t imagine it in my previous job. I came to this company that the engagement with fans who can feel it at the event is a GO culture. Through the festival event, I realized that everyone was spinning GO.

Sprouts from study and maintenance

――By the way, is Mr. Ono related to GO?

It’s about watching. For the past year and a half, I haven’t been able to follow the essence of the work yet.

I don’t think it’s a position to judge what the essence of this work is and what is a trigger for fans who really like it. By the time you know it, you may be able to speak a little more in the game. But what I can do now is to make the game creation of GO more efficient.

――Do you may advise on development and operation depending on the title?

I have. For example, Melty Blood: Type Alumina has been quite feedback. In the early days of development, French bread, Triplex, and Di right Works were desperately doing. But there were some parts that were not engaged. I was wondering why GO was so good that it would not turn around with a different title. Anyway, for Melty Blood: Type Alumina, I also worked hard.

-Melty Blood: Type Alumina is ultimately finished, and the update schedule seems to be managed.

I’m glad if you think so.

――Are there anything that Ono values important in creating a game?

I have a ten commandments that should not be done in myself. The ten commandments should not be created even though no one likes it, no one is working with heat, but nobody thinks that it is interesting. And don’t do what you can’t see. Some projects started with such problems. I think it is important to do not do what you should not do in order to create games that everyone wants to pick up.

Under such beliefs, it has begun to see that the ten commandments have penetrated in Roselle. So, the next new thing is that I want to start my selfish engine from the end of this year to the beginning of next year. As a president, I can only extend the back office now. I really want to make things, so I’m looking for my colleagues now. Someday, I’m going to get off at the site so that everyone tells me, Please do the president.

-However, when joining the company, the wind was strong. In the first place, GO started playing after joining the company. How was the reaction around when joining the company?

I still remember that there were members with a diagonal eye. I think he insisted that he had not looked like that… (Laughs) However, if you say, The Resident Evil series nor the Street Fighter series did not come, I think that would come for Cap com for that.

But I know it’s expected to have an anti-emotion. However, I did not want to collide, but I wanted to bring my knowledge at least because I was at least long in the industry. On the other hand, I will follow the seven years of GO, so please wait a little longer. I told you that you bought many prepaid cards, charged them, so we wanted you to wait a little. (smile)
From there, I felt like I was in the entrance. Then I took off my shoes and finally came to the living room.

For the first few months after I joined the company, there were some general managers who haven’t talked. But in the future, the dialogue started. I thought I had to do so……. If you thought so, I thought you should come sooner. (Laughs) After that, we talked with them. Improve because there are issues in development and operation. What is behind that is that everyone’s free time will increase.

If you have more free time, you will have time to challenge new things. One of the new initiatives that we started in that, there is also a budget of 100 million yen to the initial cost of creating a new game, so we can do how to divide it in this 100 million. Please write, please. Instead, this 100 million will be used up properly. After all, I couldn’t use it up. (Laughs) But the point is that if you have free time, you can challenge a new opportunity.

When I became the president, I talked about doing four C. The four C are Change (change), Challenge, Chance, CONFIDE. I would like to cycle the four C well in titles other than GO and GO. It was around that, what I started to understand with everyone.

―― Did the wind change finally changed in three months?

yes. The way you get involved has really changed. I think I was able to dispel the caution that a person in the field would do something strange. I thought that a strange uncle who created a game together has come. (smile)


―― In the previous interviews, Mr. Ono often told the generals to say, Be a creator. What do you think of this word?

If you work with the original things, especially those who are creative, such as NASA and Takashi, you will be a mere saucer if you make a mistake. But after all, NASA and others also want to catch balls.

If you want a catch ball, we must be a creator. From the point of view of NASA, I want an exchange of I want to do this next time. If you do this, fans who like Fate will be pleased, and it would be fun to see such a picture, so you need a user’s perspective. Susan is so humble and enthusiastic with his title, so we have to build up our creatives.

Personally, it was good to know the busyness of the management title, which is different from package development, which has a free period of each time. I felt that the air was somewhat busy, saying that everyone was busy. That’s why skilled developers who are leading development want to be creators. I want you to say in the company that we are creating things.

As long as you create things, not only listen to someone, but also think about what you should do while creating. That way, the air of the company’s manufacturing will inevitably improve, and the air will reach users as it is.

Games are not food, so they are ultimately not necessary for living. That’s why there is heat. For users, whether the creator’s passion, affection, etc., or whether there is a trust-related engagement. If you don’t have a creative there, even if you buy it as a fan item because you like it, it will not be a memorable user forever. We’re not trying to create such a game.

If you are involved in manufacturing, it is first to present what you are creating. I will evaluate it in-house and brush up. If the creator is criticized in the first place, What do you want to do in the first place?, It will definitely be a business-related title. The user who saw it cools down.

-Norman also has a blog called President’s desk. It also describes the impressions of the game I recently played while writing the recent status of Roselle. And the impression of the game is many indie games. I also like Begin. What is the intention?

Oh, is it BEGIN! If the board reset is decided continuously, it is a pleasure. (Operated characters) Begin has been all chestnuts several times, so I’m looking forward to the new class implementation. (Laughs) At first there was a discussion about talking indie games on my blog. Recently, the reputation has improved, so I continue. (smile)

If you search for Ono Shinobi, you have received opinions like a mountain, but you may be interested in seeing and playing various games. After that, the company is mainly remote work and is not able to meet all employees directly, so I wonder if it will be an opportunity to understand that uncle who has been talking over TV.

I really want to write about the assembly PC a little more. The story of a water-cooled PC or a quiet fan. I want to put such a story, but if I put it on, I guess it’s too much. (smile)

It is necessary to snuggle up to the title, but if I write about Mash on a blog, it seems that the grilled blade will come out and the reader will be Yeah? Of course, I also play great games other than indie games, but if you call friends on the same ship, I think it is important to have a sense of closeness in the message you send. I want to be able to go to listen to the story here. For that reason, it would be useless to learn from the heat and the difference between the generations of indie games developed with individuals and small groups. It may change just to think, I don’t want to go to this company, but let’s talk about it. Well, I said to learn, but for me playing games is natural enough to breathe. I want to send information about that. (smile)

―― I feel that since Ono was appointed, the way of communication with the outside, such as disseminating information about Roselle, has changed. Is he something he is trying to do?

I want to tell you that you are facing the game creation. There is no need to convey the glitter of IT companies in Roselle, and I want to shorten the sense of distance with users and creators by telling them purely creating a game.

And I want to make the air that creates a friend who creates the game together. I want you to gather with friends who like games and like manufacturing. It’s hard to come to the application just by saying, Roselle is profitable, so you can get a lot of salary. According to the past stories, there was an episode that Delight Works could be guessed to be a small company. Even if there are 5-6 years of running with a venture, you should still change such places.

What is needed is not a servant but a friend

―― Did the recruitment change?

It has changed a lot. First, we changed our spirit. For those who have applied, ask what visions we want to do with the next 5, 10 and 15 years.

It takes two to three years to make a mobile game, and if you want to make a game for the next-generation aircraft, or play a PC game, it will take more than three to four years. If you want to upgrade the version after the release, you will have to associate with team members for 5-6 years. Then I want to do it with my friends who share 5-6 years ago.

In the past, there was another point that the interviewer seemed to be great when I was interviewed by Delight Works. Of course, the company has the relationship between the boss and subordinates as a command order, but if you are looking for a sailor to work together, you don’t want to enter if the interviewer feels great.

It’s all right to make you think that it may be painful as you work together. But being great at the interview is that there is no relationship from the beginning. If you are looking for a sailor, you have to imagine what will happen in 5-6 years in the world around the world with the sailor. You have to think about the future vision of your fellow sailing. It is a friend who is recruiting, and we are not recruiting services.

Roselle is still in a transitional period, but I still want to keep a proper posture. You can read this and come to Roselle to hear the story, and if you seem to be great in the interview, you can write it on Twitter. That’s because it’s our next reflection.

-Is there anything that Ono is careful about from the president of Basemen?

After all it is do not go around. I think that everything will end if I get a crossbar. This has been said in any title since my previous job. When the buttons do not fit well with each other, there are places where they are cross-legged. No matter what you become president, you don’t get cross-legged.

Because it is Rasenenle, what you can do

――What is Roselle’s charm from Norman?

It is a place where small tissues can be turned around while taking a good tissue.
When I joined the Sony Group in February of this year and announced that I would be a subsidiary of Triplex, various people were worried.

My conclusion was very good. Sony Music Entertainment is a company that can be said to be a creative parent. Many Sony Music Entertainments were talking about, We are independent, and the spirit of the 90s that created PlayStation remains.

Many people said that they could do anything if they raised their hands, so I thought this corporate culture was true. This spirit is consistent with what I am telling everyone in Roselle now. I’ve only been a group for half a year since I became a group, but it seems that I can maintain the advantages of small organizations while taking a good tissue again. I feel that Roselle is in a very good position now.

In addition, Roselle is involved in Fate’s work, but may be able to do something together with the various IPs that the Sony Group and Triplex have. When I talked about an idea of a certain IP game during a meeting in the group, various opinions came out more and more and the story expanded.

By joining the Sony Group, I set up a field where I could get various ideas. In Roselle, if you continue to be a creator, you will be able to make such a breakthrough, and I think that you can achieve four C (change, challenge, opportunity, trust), so I am really fulfilling.

–thank you. How can you call for those who are considering applying for Roselle jobs now?

If you want to create a game, why not come to Roselle?

――It’s a straight ball.

yes. I’m looking for friends to create a game. If you want to create a game or want to complete that idea someday, Roselle has the possibility that you can realize your thoughts with a shorter span. If you come now, it will be in time for the internal competition in January. (Laughs) (See this article for details about the internal competition)

As everyone wants to do, it may be an interesting project somewhere. For the time being, let’s create it for tens of millions of yen. Other companies have to wait for a lot of approval and screening, but there is a possibility that Roselle will start immediately.

So, if you want to create a game instead of a lie, why not listen to Roselle interviews? You can see it with the worn eyes and assess it. But if you like it, I’m glad if you get the colored glasses removed. Also, even if you join a different company as a result, but it doesn’t work too well, it’s a welcome to knock the Gate of Roselle again.

If you want to make things together, I want you to come from all over Japan.
If you can, I want you to come from all over the world. However, there are not many members who can speak English now. At today’s metropolitan meeting, we also announced a plan to make a lump-sum payment if you score this score in TOPIC. I wish I could create a new environment that can be transmitted all over the world.

When I focus on remote work, I think we are doing it at a slightly shaken level. Ultimately, I want to be able to remote work from Osaka. There are times when there are childcare, and there are times when parents have to take care of them, and some members want to work from Hawaii from Okinawa, and have a way of working in such a way of working. I think it is unique to Roselle. Other companies may be doing similar things, but at least they are a company that says, I was happy if I was young when I was young. Please come to Roselle.

–thank you very much.

Roselle is currently looking for staff in various positions. Check the job site below:

Risen Gaul Recruit Site

[Writing / Edit: AYA Kurosawa]
[List man / edit: AUO Keybase]
[Shooting: Mao ITEMS]

Editorial Department Back:
About four times, we talked about an interview project with Roselle jobs. Private Keybase, the main person in this project, has heard about Roselle’s staff for more than 10 hours. What surprised me was that each staff was very humble and introspective. Speaking of the old Di right Works, the potential, such as user-friendly and failure in business development, had the impression that it did not match the temperature of the user and the public.

However, when I actually talked to the various staff of Roselle through interviews, everybody appeared humble, self-critical and introspective. The upper layers seemed to regret not having failed in the past, and seemed to be creators who wanted to deliver good things to users. I helped with the recruitment article advertisement, but it was very fun to hear the staff. However, just because the staff is introspective and humble, it is too early to make an interesting thing, including new works other than GO in the future, but it is too premature to make that decision, and you have to look in the future.

I felt that Roselle was starting a new step as Roselle, not the former Di right Works. I think Roselle’s evaluation conducted by Mr. Ono will be determined by the results to be issued in the future, but at least I was very looking forward to what Roselle would do in the future. Furthermore, I would like to write here that it was such an interview that makes the listener feel thrilling.

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