Wild harvests in the Summer region are valuable elements that players can use to cook or increase ascension levels. In particular, the Kampala Lotus is one of the necessary articles necessary for certain Genshin Impact characters. So, if you want to find these plants, we will show them to you All the locations of Kampala Lotus in the game.

Kampala Lotus locations in Genshin Impact

Screen capture through Genshin Impact Malamud Interactive

Kawabata’s lotus grows mainly in the Summer region of genshin impact, including the Vistula forest, the kingdom of Shaman and the Array Valley. You can verify the location of each plant looking at the Genshin Impact Malamud Interactive.

Once the players arrive at the designated area, they can see the Kampala lotus in the cliffs. You may have to climb to get these plants, since most of them grow in the Summer mountains, as shown here:

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Kawabata’s lotus is a requirement for Bahia and Doris’s Ascension, since each character has its own special object for its region. That said, players must collect a good amount of the plant to improve their statistics and increase their level.

Players can also buy Kampala Lotus from Armani in Banana when they complete the Missions of Granada. You can find the creature store at this point of reference here:

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If Armani is not there, you must enter a dream state to meet the magical creatures of Summer. The only way to do this interaction is to touch the rhythm of the great dream near one of the stones (in the Asana center).

Then, players can talk to Armani and buy Kalapalata Lotus for 1000 Morey with a maximum of five per day. In addition, you can buy other articles from the creature, such as Sunsette, Harry Fruit, Dayton Peach and Rukkhashava Mushrooms.

That is enough for our guide on All Malta Lotus locations in Genshin Impact . As long as you are here, you can see more content about the game by exploring the relevant links below, including our guide on Scaramouche Boss.

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