Square Enix has released the second video series, Deep Dive Vol.2 (Magic Battle) , which introduces the appeal of the action RPG For spoken for each element.

This work depicts the adventure of the protagonist Frey who has acquired the power of magic from New York to Asia. Frey uses the magical power in various ways during the journey, but the video released this time focuses on the magic during battle.

The magic that emits a purple magic that uses the power of nature includes a magic bullet that changes the attack performance by charging, a rock hidden in the ground that installs a trap, and a birth prevention shield that enhances defense., Shaving life that recovers according to the damage d1. As you proceed with the adventure, you will be able to learn red magic, blue magic, and green magic that use the power of flames, so that you can find the best magic combination that matches the enemy.

In battle, it is important not only to magic attacks but also for avoidance behavior using magic par court. In addition, the video introduces a counterattack that performs the enemy’s gap, a powerful charge magic that can be activated when the gauge is full, and a finish blow that pursues down enemies in a down state.

FORSAKEN will be released on January 24, 2023, for PS5 on January 25, 2023, for PC (Steam/Epic Games Store/Microsoft Store). PlayStation.blog has published articles that open magic expressions in accordance with video release.

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