Sonic Frontiers: Heaven hedgehog rocks in the brand-new showdown

At the most recent because yesterday the embargo for the God of Battle Ragnarök examinations fell, the eyes of all players have actually most likely been on the unsafe group including Rates and ATREUS.

With their launch on November 9, the two are simply surpassed by a famous blue hedgehog: Sonic Frontiers runs on the PC and the gaming consoles on November 8 and is consequently ready for the coming launch. In keeping with this, there is a lightning-fast trailer with shaken songs underpay.

Sonic Frontiers: Face-off trailer puts Open Globe in the foreground


The two-minute trailer not just has Sonic beats poor people, yet certainly also in no time on the part of sandy deserts, gigantic factory constructions and eco-friendly hills. If you look a little as well specifically at 0:50, you can spy on one or the various other depression in the frame rate, which hopefully will not be also essential in the finished video game.

In the showdown trailer, Sega’s mascot shows himself from his ideal side, at which he can of training course rarely be acknowledged at the speed of speed. If Sonic still takes a time-out or the video camera permits the computer game icon thanks to slow activity, Sonic steps as well as leaps the mechanical opponents of the game right into the ground.

In maintaining with the combat frame, a rough soundtrack appears in the trailer, which is later on additionally fed with vocals and which due to the falling word Frontier must possibly be the main theme of the game.

with top speed to the launch

The brand-new face-off trailer is not the only place where heaven hedgehog meets you soon before the release of Sonic Frontiers. With a marketing video clip, Sonic Collection was currently provided thoroughly in mid-October, with which he battles via the open world of Star fall Islands.

There was likewise a cool comic prologue with which you can obtain in the state of mind for the early launch of Sonic Frontier. In enhancement, Sega currently revealed a complimentary Monster Hunter DLC, with which Sonic can cover itself in elegant searching clothes from November 14th.

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