[Review] Actions that peaked, and expanded Benoneta 3

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Even well-made games are not easy to be remembered by gamers for a long time. In that sense, the Bayonet series is a well-made game and a game that is clearly remembered by the gamers’ minds. Literally, the long hair that covers the whole body, the 10-year-old Nice Body, which seems to be difficult to meet even the models of the nephew, and the brilliant action with the screen, Kamila Hide’s unique gag code. Even though there are gamers who do not know at all, the game I can’t forget once is the Bayonet series.

The latest film ‘Bennett 3’ in the Beneath series was officially released on October 28. It is no exaggeration to say that it has the peak of the action that has been shown so far as the latest series of the series. Not only to increase the completeness of the action, but also completely melted the new action elements. Of course, it does not mean simply focused on action. The story and the atmosphere have become more serious, and above all, the emergence of the new playable character Viola has shown a very different charm from the Baronet series.

In this review, I would like to analyze this change. It is a story about how Bayonet 3 has made its own Nonstop climax action, which has been stacked and peaked so far.

Game Name : Bennett 3
Name of genre : Nonstop climax action

release date : 2022. 10. 28.
Review : 1.1.0
Developer : Platinum Games
Service : Nintendo
Platform : NS
Play : NS


Developed action, transformation and expansion to a huge monster

If you are a Bayonet series, it’s not the Bayonet series. Bennett, which has a good action, is the same as steamed bread without red beans. In fact, the Bennett series and action are such a relationship. Therefore, the Bayonet series has developed the action every time.

In the first episode, he showed the action of freely combining weapons in both hands and feet, avoiding the attacks of the enemies, and showing the action of constantly flying a spectacular combo. By adding the climax, it was also praised as the Bayonet series.

Bayonet 3 has further developed such a combat system, while adding a new element of transformation and huge monsters, expanding the combat system that was only headed up with the goal of the action. The first thing you can meet is ‘Daemon Slave’, which is a huge monster. Summoning the beast itself is a factor in the previous works. At the end of the combo, it was a feature of the Bayonet series by summoning a part of the beast’s body to blow a strong blow or to summon the beast with a climax, which is a kind of special movement. Until now, however, the end of the combo has been decorated with or literally directing.

Summons of the beasts were possible at any time in Bayonet 3. Summoned beasts are different in different types and styles. If the human type Madame butterfly is a balanced beast, it is an aunt, but it is good to deal with large, but it cannot be moved to Umbra’s clock tower, but it has various special abilities and overwhelming performance in the second episode. Each of them was armed with different actions, such as taking out the Umbra armor. This summoning of beasts can be evaluated in many ways in terms of the addition of a new combat system in itself, but there is a separate true name. It is the expansion of the action.


At first glance, the summoning of the beast does not seem to be linked to Bennett’s action. Above all, the Damietta can not be manipulated during the daemon slave that summons and controls the beast, and it is more likely to be unprotected. This gap was solved through the prejudice in the summoning of the beast. They are immediately reacting and seemingly disappearing, but the reality is not. If you have a prejudice among the daemon slaves, the beasts take off the pressed SL and do not disappear immediately even if they manipulate the bayonet.

It may be a big change because it only maintains for a short time, but as a result, the action of ‘Bennett 3’ has developed much more broadly compared to its predecessors. It means that you can show differentiated actions that have not been before by simply using the beasts when dealing with strong enemies. Above all, the summoning of the Bayonet ta 3 is meaningful in many ways because the difficulty of manipulation does not increase significantly in the process.

This is not the case, but that’s not the Bayonet 3 forced this new action. Of course, in the process of dealing with the enemy, there is a situation where the daemon slave is needed to break the enemy’s shield, but the expansion of the new action due to the summoning the aforementioned beasts depends on the individual’s tendency. If you are a gamer who doesn’t feel the need to study the combos of Bennett and the beasts, ‘Bennett 3’ offers enough fun even if they enjoy them with separate action.

If you want to enjoy this new action more easily and to summon the beast, wink slave and assault slave are enough. The wink slave, which can be used by unlocking the skill, summons the beast at the end of the combo to blow a strong blow, and the assault slave, which replaces the evasion, summons the beast to meet the beast. The summoning of the beasts, which looks heavy, has become more cheerful than the previous works.

One of the most indispensable changes, which replace Beast Widen in previous works and decorate the end of the combo. If the action has been extended as a new element that had never been before the daemon slave, the daemon mascaraed is a slightly more extended element by replacing the existing action.

It is a new action, but it does not require any operation. When you decorate the end of the combo, you can simply play with a combo by fusing a powerful blow with a beast. In terms of the system, there is no big difference from the previous work, but it gives a different sense by making a big change in directing.

Not only the newly added action. I didn’t miss the conventional action to match the additional action. It is the Torcher Attack and Magic Gauge. It was a Target attack that handled the enemy in one room, but it took a lot of horsepower and had a disadvantage of breaking the flow because of the ATE. The TOTTOTATAT was triggered immediately in Bayonet 3 without ATE, and it was no longer necessary. When the enemy was stunned or the outer shell was destroyed, it changed into a kind of additional other concept so that the speed of the action mentioned above was maintained while maintaining the symbolism of the Torte Attack.

At the horsepower gauge, the speed of horsepower is much faster. In the standby state, not only a lot of fasters, but also one or two combos will be able to summon the beast at any time. This is also an effort to approach the actions pursued by the Bayonet series called ‘Non-Stop’ Climax Action.

This is ‘Bennett 3’, which is full of changes that can be made good evaluations, but there are some disappointment. Camerawork is typical. There is no other game where the camera walk is as important as the stylish action game.

Although it was said that the camera walk could not keep up with the brilliant action, it was often occurring that the camera walk could not follow in the new element of summoning the beast. It’s not a serious level of interfering with pleasant play, but sometimes it’s a bit missing when it’s illuminating the wrong place.

Change from Bennett One Top System to Top System for successor

The newly added combat system, Daemon Slave and Daemon Mask Raid, is also a big change, but if it is the biggest change in ‘Bennett 3’, it is also a new playable character. In the previous works, the wise men of the mask were added in the second episode and the second episode as a privilege, but the basic action skeleton was the same as the Beneath, so it was hard to say that it was a ‘new’ playable character. The new Face was finally added to the Bennett series.

As you can see as a new playable character, the viola is made of a completely different character from Bennett, from the appearance to the action. Unlike Bennett, which is represented by tall long hair, glasses, and the noble beauty of the queen, it is completely different from leather jackets, funky dyeing, makeup, and punching. The same is true for action. While Bayonet ta avoids enemy attacks, the viola guards the enemy’s attack, not avoiding.

Bayonet’s avoidance and viola’s guards seem to distinguish between the combat systems of each character at first glance. It’s just the personality of the simple character. But the difference between the two is big. Above all, it has a great influence on the appreciation that the player feels through the game.

Unlike Bennett, which can be taken by the words of the evasion, the Viola’s guard cannot be used continuously. R is a guard, but if you write it in a row, the rushing skill is triggered. In other words, it is not tight compared to Bennett because it is necessary to be careful and timing the enemy attack.

If the guard decision is long or the location time is long, it may be accepted as a high risk high-turn concept, but not even. The guard decision is tight, and unless it’s a perfect guard, the location time ends quickly, giving it a lot of frustration.

Others are not just action styles. Summoning the beast is also a little different. Basically, unlike Bennett, which selects three of several beasts and summons them freely, the only beast can summon Viola. In addition, unlike the Bayonet, which cannot be moved to manipulate the beast, Phisher is free to summon it because the viola is not controlled separately.

If you look like this, it looks much better than Bennett, but it’s a bit different. From the point of view of the New Face, I think it has its own charm as a new character in the opposite point of Bennett, but in terms of the most important combat system, the viola looks awkward. This is not just because the difficulty of the guard is high. This is because of the dime rite from the summoning of the beast.

Earlier, he said that he could be able to manipulate Chester freely, but it looks better than Bennett, but there is one fatal disadvantage. The parameters used to summon Chester are the great swords of Japan, Japan. The attack changes to bare hands and kicks, but there is no weapon, so it cannot be guarded.

If it’s ideal to summon Chess her and push enemies together, it’s actually a hit, but it’s just fighting. Of course, Chess her is so aggressive and just a big hit, but the enemy is not right to get a balance.

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