On the 15th, we will broadcast the 5th anniversary of Pego Service

On the 8th, Net marble will hold a special site for the 5th anniversary of the mobile RPG Fate/Grand order service, which is domestic service, and various events will be held.

First, on the 11th, Caleb Magazine 8, which celebrates the 5th anniversary of fate/Grand order service, will be unveiled. Korea’s original content Calder Magazine is a web zine that deals with various information related to Fate/Grand Order, and the 8th, which is released on the 11th, was produced as a special edition to commemorate the 5th anniversary.

In addition, the 5th anniversary of the Fate/Grand Order will be produced, and the lottery will be presented to 1,000 users. Prizes will be released on the official Fate/Grand Order on the 15th.

The official broadcast was held to commemorate the 5th anniversary of the service and invited 50 users to the site. It will be online and off-line at the same time, and the broadcast will be aired on the official YouTube channel of Fate/Grand Order from 7:00 pm on the 15th.

Net marble is a special page opening commemorative login bonus with 10 Seongjeongseokseok to all users, and 10,000 special page visitors break through 10 Seongjeongseok Spokeo and 5th Anniversary Teaser Video Views. Give.

For more information, please visit the official Fate/Grand Order Café.

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