God of War Ragnarok: Todas Las Ubicaciones de Den Apple En Alfheim

God of War Ragnarök has arrived, and with him comes a total of nine collectible kingdoms so that the players spend hours finding. If you don’t feel like spending all that time, especially if you are looking for ways to improve your general health quickly, we have the perfect guide for you. Here is everything you need to know about the locations of all the Dunn Apple in Álfheimr in God of Ragnarök war.

How to find Álfheimr Dunn apples at God of War Ragnarök

In total, God of War Ragnarök has three apples IDN that can be found in Svartalfheim, and two of them are blocked behind the mission progression. We have broken down the specific locations and how to get to them below.

Dunn Apple rent #1 -the strand

The first Dunn Apple in Álfheimr can be found during the Grow’s Secret mission, located at the bottom of a shelf you will find after passing through a crack in the rocks. To get the content of the NOR NIR #1 chest in this area, you will need to turn on some braziers.

  • Go to the cliff in front of the chest to find a brazier.
  • Go to the left of the chest and turn on the brazier on the lower edge of the cliff.
  • Return to the path of the story above and go to the left and turn on the last rune that is at the edge of a cliff near the one you are looking at.

DUNN APPLE rent #2 The Stand

NOR NIR CHEST #2 requires that you have completed to Forging Destiny and have unlocked a specific article. You can find this in Strode once you have the weapon you need.

  • Destroy the rune to the right of the chest by throwing the spear.
  • The next is in a rock near the main road next to a tree.
  • The final rune is in a rock to the left of Mystic Gateway in the area.

DUNN APPLE rent #3 The wastelands


The third and last Dunn Apple in Álfheimr is once you addressed to the north of The Barrens. To the west of the hive, you will find the NOR NIR CORE #4.

  • The first rune is to the left of the chest.
  • Reveals the rune on the roof causing Duteous to shoot the near explosive pot.
  • The final rune is on the right side of the building in a window.

And that is all you need to know about the locations of all the Dunn Apple in Álfheimr in God of the Ragnarök war. If you are still looking for more about the game, be sure to consult our guides about things that Do first, all Dunn Apples locations in Svartalfheim and more, just below.

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