Kevin Conroy, Batmans voice, has died

Unfortunately, today, November 11, it has been announced that Kevin Conroy , famous voice actor responsible for giving life to Batman in multiple animated series and video games, died the day Yesterday at 66 years of age, this after a brief fight against cancer.

Through social networks, multiple actors who worked alongside Conroy shared their surprise and lamented the actor’s departure. One of these was Mark Hamill, who was in charge of lending Joker in the animated Batman series of the 90s . This was what he commented:

Kevin was perfection. It was one of my favorite people on the planet and loved him like a brother. He really cared about the people around him; His decency shone in everything he did. Every time I saw or spoke with him, my spirit rose.

For her part, Andrea Romano, casting director at Warner Bros., added:

Kevin was much more than an actor I had the pleasure of selecting and directing: he was a dear friend for more than 30 years whose kindness and generous spirit did not know borders. Kevin’s warm heart, his deliciously deep laugh and his pure love for life will be with me forever.

Paul Mini, one of Batman’s animated series creators, shared the following image.

Kevin Robert Conroy, gave life to Batman not only in the animated series of the 90s, but at character. Along with this, he had the main role of Arkham games by Rock steady. As if that were not enough, the actor also had an extensive career in the animated world, where he lent his voice for series and movies of all kinds.


May you rest, Kevin Robert Conroy.

Editor note :

Although many were exposed to Batman’s animated series in Spanish, and Conroy’s work may not be so familiar to some, it is undeniable that this actor gave life to what many consider the definitive version of the night’s knight. A real shame his death.

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