Steel Series, Dota 2 Championship is the official gaming gear partner brand for two consecutive years

The world’s first gaming gear brand Steelers (CEO: Etc Sham Lava) was selected as the official gaming gear partner brand of The International Dota2 Championships, the world’s largest e-sports tournament held in Singapore.

The official gaming gear partner brand of ‘Data 2 Championship’, which was held from October 8 to October 30, 2022, was selected for two consecutive years. It was provided to and contributed to the revitalization of the competition.

He was also a proud partner of the Red Bull OG, a world-class team who won two awards among the teams who participated in the Data 2 Championship tournament in 22 years.

The Steel Series set up a booth at this event in Singapore for fans. The Steel Series provided the opportunity for fans to visit the booth, experience the products, and to receive special prizes. In addition, live-streaming was held through the steel series Twitch to comment on the game commentary, team lineup and analysis, and interviews with players.

Fans were able to check the latest highlights through the official Instagram and Twitter of the steel series, and received the event news that was updated to the weekly in the steel series blog.

In addition, Data 2 attendees were able to watch the steel series video screening on the outdoor TV, and also watched the costume players who took pictures and roamed them to receive prizes. In addition, free ice cream tickets were provided at the Steel Series booth, and the official TI11 pin collection and Swayback were purchased.

The Steel Series held a 10% discount at all retail stores in Singapore, Singapore, in order to commemorate the selection of the official Gaming Gear partner brand for Data 2 Champions. Customers who purchased more than $100 for the product also offered the opportunity to get a T1 final event ticket. For more information, please visit the steel series Singapore Facebook.

The Steel Series has a long history, and has been with Valve, the organizer of Data 2 Championships, and Data 2 Championships for about nine years since 2013. Lee Hye-kyung, CEO of Korea Steel Series, who has been selecting two consecutive years of Data 2 Championship Giving Gear Brand, said, I’m so proud of being able to support the two consecutive champion Red Bull OG as a partner.

It was also an important moment for the Steel Series, which celebrated its 20th anniversary last year as the first e-sports brand that was selected as the official gaming gear brand of the Data 2 Championship.

In addition, the Steel Series in 2021 has achieved revolutionary achievements, including the Mercedes-AMG Petronas e-sports team, the e-sports team of T1 Entertainment & Sports and Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula 1. Professional gamers have won the most wins as a steel series brand than any other brand, and the Steel Series is a company that is a company in e-sports and gaming, and will continue to invest more aggressively for the development of game businesses.

Meanwhile, more details on the ‘The International Data 2 CHAMPIONSHIPS’ can be found on the official website. For more information on the valve software, please visit the official Valve website.

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