Patent would have revealed that PlayStation is working with NFT

Currently, on the Internet the NFT market is very fashionable, these are non-fungible tokens that can be considered as unique in the market, since they cannot be replicated or anything similar. Many companies have joined this business model, even some video games, and now PlayStation would be interested in this proposal.

Origin Ally presented last year and published this month, Sony’s patent (through Games) is titled Monitoring of unique digital assets in the game using tokens in a distributed older book. It covers a system that could be used to track the creation, use, modification and transfer of digital assets created within a game.

This is what this patent would point out:

People often find significant to possess or use unique physical articles related to respected celebrities or activities. For example, fans of the skilled baseball player Babe Ruth, or baseball in general, often seek Similar.

Sony suggests that your system could be used to verify the authenticity of digital assets used by expert players or creative popular content, which other users may want to buy, sell or rent:

Multiplayer video game expert players gain popularity in matches or tournaments, which are often broadcast live or transmitted to numerous spectators.

In some video games, a player can use digital assets during the game. These digital assets may include, for example, characters, costumes or specific items. In traditional video games, there are multiple instances of the same element of the game within the same copy and/or within different copies of it.

Sony recently launched a new loyalty scheme called PlayStation Stars, which allows players to win rewards by completing several activities. However, he hastened to distance the NFT program, since there is no way to sell them.

For now, the NFT part is not yet present. But after this record, they may already be working more deeply.


Via: NGC

Editor’s note: Many companies such as INAMI have already explored this part of the market, and unfortunately they have done well, so PlayStation wants to bet on their slice of cake. We will have to wait to see your plans.

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