The equipment is an integral part of the War zone Battle Royale experience, but they work a bit different in their second iteration. This is what you need to know about whether there are loads in War zone 2 and how to get them.

War zone 2 loads explained

Yes, as in the previous War zone, there are loads in War zone 2. The big change this time, however, is no longer buying complete deliveries of equipment at a purchase station.

You will remember that in War zone, players could spend tens of thousands of dollars in a Buy Station in exchange for their full load, all-inclusive according to their preferences. That is not possible anymore. Instead, there are now shopping stores where players can buy only the main weapon of their equipment. It costs $5,000 to do it.

The objects that appear in War zone 2 contain a random combination of primary and secondary weapons, as well as different packages of lethal/tactical equipment.


How to get drops of equipment in War zone 2

So how do you get one of those equipment falls in War zone 2? There are two ways to do it: World Shutout Drops and Clearing Strongholds. Let’s break into each other:

  • The Loadout Drops occur twice by War zone 2. They fall randomly among the collapses of the second and sixth circle.
  • Strengths also contain Loadout Drop, but you must clear a completely to obtain it. It is also worth noting that the first team to clear a strength will get access to a black site, where you can get a plane and a second load.

That should be all you need to know about loads in War zone 2 and how to get them, and what you do for those who are not up-to-date. To get more information, here are the best controller settings, how to use the interrogation function and the best graphics and performance settings.

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