LOL: The little detail hated by the community that Riot does not want to fix

When we talk about League of Legends failures we usually focus on this most striking. Situations that can change the games unfairly and that are due to programming errors or great carelessness of Riot Games when updating the video game. However, there are times that it is the smallest and repeated things in time that end up piercing the players. It is what has happened with activate objects, and all because of a detail in insignificant appearance that would be solved if we had something more memory.

The problem of activate objects in League of Legends

Recently, a player has pointed out a problem that we have all encountered in our games. When we buy an object that has an activate component, the first thing we do many players is to change it to the inventory hole in which it is most comfortable to use. A situation that gives rise to a problem in the future: when we convert this ingredient into the complete object (such as the stopwatch in the Honda or the sash in the Scimitar) changes space in our backpack. In this way, the button we have to use to activate is also modified.

In this sense, the community has asked Riot Games to build the inventory space in which its activate ingredient is located. It is a change that should be simple to implement, since it would hardly consist of changing the order of priorities according to which objects are placed in the inventory during League of Legends games. However, being a request that players have carried out relatively commonly over the last times, it is difficult to know why from the company they have not decided to carry it out.


The objects are currently located in our backpack following two criteria. First and whenever possible, they will occupy the first free hole in it. If not to find it, they are located in the space of the component that is more to the left. If we have the search engine bracelet in space three, the timer in the five and all the others occupied; When completing the Honda will occupy the third space. This second detail is not widely known to League of Legends players, and we can use it to avoid the problem. Try that the components of an item are always to the right of the ingredient with active.

It does not seem likely that Riot Games will carry out the change, so the solution will be to follow the small trick that we have just told when organizing the inventory or improving our memory. What we are clear is that trying to use an item and having it in the wrong button is a failure that League of Legends does not forgive.

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