Pokemon GO: How to evolve cosmoem to Solgaleo or Lunala and all about the Eclipse Astral event

This Wednesday (23), debuts the event Eclipse Astral by Pokémon GO, Mobile game for Pokémon hunting. The event will be available until 20h (asília time) next Monday (28), and has appearances from various cosmic creatures and special races.

New creatures, such as Solgaleo-O Pokémon Solar-Lunala-Lunar Pokémon-, which are evolutions of Cosmos, are giving their first time in the game. Users will be able to evolve them normally to be able to defeat the ultra-Criatures, which will be available on the penultimate day of the event.


Check out all the information regarding the event below:

Pokémon premieres


  • Solar Pokémon, now available for hunting, needs 100 Cosmos candy to be evolved.


  • Lunar Pokémon, also available for hunting, needs 100 Cosmos candy to be evolved.

Special Research

  • Players can access new chapters in the history of special research a cosmic company, where they can solve mysteries alongside Cosmos, HI and Professor Willow


  • From 11am (asília time) on November 27, ultra-Criatures will reach the game through 5 star king or research tasks. Users will be able to find Nihilism, Buzzword or Buzzard.

Celestial nebula

  • Heavenly nebulae may be found during every day of the event.

meetings in nature

The chances of finding some Pokémon through the forest will increase; Check out the complete list:

  • Lola Cantata
  • Lola Sand shrew
  • Clef airy
  • Lola Pulpit
  • Story
  • Hoot hoot
  • Sunken
  • Luna tone
  • Sol rock
  • Cottoned
  • Fungous

In addition, ight creatures will also be hidden by the forest.


Users will be able to play from 1 star king to Megagrams; Check out which Pokémon will be available in each type:

Races of 1 star

  • ighton
  • Frills (male)
  • Frills (female)
  • Inlay
  • Rock ruff

Races of 2 star


Races of 5 stars

  • Nihilism


  • Mega Pursuit

Field search tasks

  • By completing field search tasks, users will be able to find a Story, ight or not.

Collection Challenges

  • By completing Astral Eclipse collection challenges, users can receive star dust as a reward.

Avatar items

Throughout the event, new Avatar items will be available will be available in the store for purchase. Check out:

  • Lunala wings
  • Soluble mask
  • Lunala pants
  • Soluble Tennis

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