Twas the day prior to rabbit a poem for the passage of animals existing special event of New Horizons

It was the day before rabbit

It was the day prior to Bunny Day and zipper t bunny,

He was concealing in Animal Crossing, Honeying for his routine.

The residents of the island slept, conveniently in their beds,

The problems of an unusual rabbit filling their heads.

His eyes, so Satanic! His smile, so scary,

Or shake a tree to add eggs to your fruit dish..

I will be entitled behind you enjoy, so don’t fear!.

All the eggs, each egg, I desire eggs each. SINGLE. DAYTIME..

So the occupants of the island did their things, frightened to see zipper,

In pursuit of his demonic and demonic quest.

Is he scared of being assaulted?.

In search of brand-new island animals deserving of enslavement,

Only the eggs will make me feel good!.

Why does he let no one see his back?.

Quick! Bring me eggs, he said maniac.

Although, I make sure, you have actually heard of my popularity..

Strike a tree with an ax, and an egg might appear..

When you hit a rock, an egg can go out-.

Zipper T. Bunny, he said, is my name,

It does not matter whether it’s day or night..

The eggs of the sky will fall like the rain,

As he hopped everywhere, pretending to be pleased.

Eggs in the ocean, rather of fish,

Think: His name should truly be zipped the ripper!.

Or eggs, buried in the ground, in grassy plains..

He was ready to be a psychotic parasite.

His jump was frenzied, his arms waved,

Who needs iron when there are so lots of eggs?.

I fear that he would not present himself into my house in the evening,

Create my bed with an ax, an awful phenomenon!

When Zipper T. Bunny will lastly go.

If I trap this villain inside a fence,

All citizens were impatiently waited for the day,

And many locals thought, Could it be a crime?.

I don’t want his parquet floor, his clock or his bed,

I suppose that up until then, I will need to deal with,

It’s really a climbing up plant, something is not straight!.

April 12 seemed so long,

I would be delighted if Zipper was dead..

I want to be able to throw all his eggs in the CRUPPER!.


I am tired of catching eggs instead of Red Mirabeau,

And sell all the stupid eggs to Nooks Cranny for a flight..

That he can stop prowling and I wouldn’t feel tense..

Whenever I see him, he frightens me,

Fuck yourself and your eggs, zipper t bunny!

I hope that on April 12, they will all be rotten, spoiled and running!

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