How to turn Fomantis into Lurandis into Pokemon Scarlet & Violet


Fans of grass-type Pokémon must have Romantic in their team. It is small, pretty, and you can catch it in the latest Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. You can not only catch one for yourself, but also turn it into a beautiful grants moth. To do this is a little difficult, because it is not as simple as just increasing the level of romantic or even apply an evolutionary stone to them. If you have been trying to develop your Romantic for some time, but unsuccessfully or do not know how to start this process, continue to read!

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How to get Grants in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Many coaches are so focused on battles and fishing that the development of their Pokémon can be something like a belated thought. This is especially true if there are special requirements, such as the expectation of increasing their level day or night. Romantic is one of these Pokémon. You can develop them into Parents, starting from level 34, but there is one snag: you need to make sure that this happens at night. If the level of Romantic reaches the level 34, but this is not at night, you will need to wait for the next night cycle and increase its level again. As soon as you do this, the KAT scene will begin, in which Lands will be added to both your group and to your pound. It would be reasonable to make sure that your Romantic has the nature that you want before doing this so that Grants also has the same nature.

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