Laser swords in the Sims 4: How to get them, learn to use them and beat yourself with other sims


No matter your age, gender, religion, where you were born, the universe you belong to… It doesn’t matter! There is a multi-universal truth: laser swords grind and everyone wants 1. This truth is also fulfilled in the Sims 4, which has DLC focused on Star Wars. I do not invent it, you can find it in the official list of additional content. The question: Do you want a laser sword in the Sims 4? I tell you how to get it.

Laser swords in the Sims 4

Getting a laser sword is not a simple task in the Star Wars universe or in the Sims 4. The first step you have already solved: having the game. Now that it is free is very easy. The second step requires a tribute to Electronic Arts: you must buy the expansion of Star Wars: trip to Batu with real money. A lot of strength and balance, but release the tickets for your sword.

If you already have the expansion of Star Wars for the Sims 4, two things can happen: that you have or not work. If you have no job, then great. I envy you! If you have, you must ask for vacations. In any case, you must go home phone and ask for a vacation to travel to the world of Star Wars.

Your goal is called the advanced post of the black needle. There you have to look for a place called the Save workshop. That tun ante rogue of the black market will sell you what is necessary to make your laser sword. Fast Turbo Class of Laser Swords: They work with a Khyber glass +. You must buy both things in the store for 700 simpletons.

You already have your laser sword in the inventory, and now what?

One of the most famous and sought-after missions of the place’s factions is to learn to handle the laser sword… something very important if you have 1. The laser sword skill works like any other game: you must train increasing your combat level.

In the same Save workshop you can select the option Request Laser Sword Challenge. Someone should appear near the position that is a laser sword duelist. Other guides point out that it also usually appears near the millinery hawk, I recommend that you stay close to the workshop.

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