James Gunn explains the radical and imposing physical change of Groot in the new UCM special

Groot, one of the most endearing components-and in its own way, danger RENATER franchise like a small stem in a pot and start growing through several films, appearing Baby Groot and shortly thereafter a teenage Groot that psed everything in Avengers Infinity War and Avengers Endgame and even in the most recent Thor: Love and Thunder. Now, the good Groot returns once again in the special Christm of Guardians of the Galaxy that premiered this pt Friday, although with a fairly different appearance; So much so, that we now see a Groot that h already grown a little more, although demonstrating an imposing physical. What happened? Its director, James Gun, explains.

The Groot plus scales debuts in the UCM

Thus, to the question of a fan about whether Groot’s head in the special of Guardians of the Galaxy w so great because he w still growing, Gun replied: Well, already Groot, or Swell Groot, we call it, it is being done bigger, both out and up. you can see now, it h a different and more robust physiology (and a more extroverted personality) than that of its father, in reference to the Groot that we saw at the beginning of the adventures of Guardians de la Garcia, who died to protect his companions and that, somehow, the father of the current young Groot could be considered.


All this without forgetting the thanks to the CGI team that managed to complete a very realistic Groot, since many fans ked if their appearance responded to traditional special effects or w generated by computer. Regarding his latest version seen in Thor: Love and Thunder, Gun says that his physical evolution responds to the fact that a year h psed since they left the god of thunder behind, so he h had time to grow a little more, in addition to Ensure that Christm special events take place, more or less, at the same time Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

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